Using Bulk Employee Import to Add Logins, Card Numbers or PINs

This article instructs our partners on how to use the Bulk Employee Import/Update tool in TimeWorksPlus to add Logins / Numbers to Employee Setup in a batch manner. This can be a helpful time saver when employees have been added to timekeeping with missing clock information.

This article only applies to the process of updating existing employee information, not adding new employees. It is also only applicable to TimeWorksPlus.

In order to use the steps in this article, all employees must have an Employee Code in timekeeping.

This article can be useful if you:
  • already added employees to Employee Setup without clock numbers or PINs and want to add that data without manually editing each employee record.
  • want a quick way to add Prox or Mag Stripe card numbers to employees already setup in timekeeping.
  • are integrating your client's timekeeping account with an HR platform, like BambooHR, that doesn't integrate clock information.
    IMPORTANT: This would only apply if the client is using a physical clock. WebClock or TimeWorksTouch with fingerprint users will not need a clock number in timekeeping.
  • want to add an alphanumeric login to existing employees for use with the Employee Self Service portal.
In short, this article will show you how to export existing employee data from TimeWorksPlus, add "Login" information through Excel, and use the Bulk Employee Import to update the employees in timekeeping.

1- Export Employee Data

In this step, you will learn how to create a .CSV file out of Employee Setup with the minimal fields needed to add logins.

Existing employee data missing the necessary information for them to use the clock
  1. Login to TimeWorksPlus, select your client and open up Employee Setup.
  2. Right-Click anywhere on the column headers and select only the following fields:
  • Employee Code*
    *If any of the Employee Codes have leading zeros, additional steps must be taken in Excel to include those "0"s.
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Login

Select only the indicated fields by right-clicking the column header
  1. Click the Export button at the right of the page.

The Export button creates a .CSV file which can be opened in Excel

2- Edit the Data in Excel

With the employee data downloaded to your computer, you will be able to open it in Excel and either manually add the Logins/Clock Numbers or use Excel's data manipulation tools to quickly create logins with the following steps:
  1. Open the .CSV file from the previous step in Excel.

    An example of how your export file should look in Excel
  2. Delete the "Employee Name" column, which is a default column on every export.
  3. Change the column headers in Excel in the following manner:
  • Employee Code = code
  • Logins / Numbers = logins
  • Last Name = last
  • First Name = first

Change your column headers to match those in this image
Now you can use the empty "logins" column to:
  • add Prox or Mag Stripe card numbers for these employees. This method can be more efficient than manually editing every employee record.
  • create alphanumeric ESS logins using Excel's ConcatenateLeft and Right functions. Keep in mind, you must still create a Password to go with these Logins. Passwords can also be set through this method with an additional column titled "ESSPassword"Passwords must be minimum 8 characters, have two character types and be different from the previous password.
  • use an Excel formula to duplicate the Code value as the Login value
  • auto-create PIN numbers for keypad entry or non-TimeWorksTouch biometric clocks, like the Z33. This is done with the  auto-number feature in Excel.

    For example, for the first two employees, add "10000" and "10001"

    select those two cells and click and drag down across all following cells and Excel will auto-increment a number for each employee.


3- Use the Bulk Import to Add the Logins to Employee Setup

With the data completed in your spreadsheet, you can now return to TimeWorksPlus and use the Bulk Employee Import to update the employees with their new Logins. Note, that if employees already have Logins, this method will add a login, not replace the login.
  1. From the Accountant Menu, click Bulk Import - Employee 
  2. In your spreadsheet, click and drag to select all the cells and columns, then copy the data using CTL+C/CMD+C.
  3. Paste the contents selected from your spreadsheet into the text box on the Bulk Update page using CTL+V/CMD+V.
  4. Don't worry if the data doesn't line up in the text box. Click Preview if you want to spot check your work, then click Save. The Logins should now be visible in Employee Setup.

​Removing Existing Logins

You can also remove all existing employee logins with the bulk employee import. This way, you can essentially reset logins and card numbers for all or selected employees through a bulk update. However, since this could prevent an employee from clocking in, you will want to make sure the employees are aware of their new logins prior to performing the update.
  1. Create a spreadsheet for the bulk import that includes the following column headers:
    1. code
    2. logins
    3. deletecardnumbers 
  2. Using steps similar to those in step two of this article, add the employee code and new login information for all the employees you want updated.
  3. Enter "Y" in the deletecardnumbers field. This instructs the import/update tool to wipe out all existing logins for the listed employees and replace it with the values in the logins field.
  4. Follow the steps in section 3 of this article to Add logins to Employee Setup.
If you set the deletecardnumbers field to "N", it will simply append the login to the existing logins.

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