Power Over Ethernet

SwipeClock's does offer a POE (Power Over Ethernet) Converter for use with some of our Z series Flex Clocks. If your client's network supports POE*, you can use this device to power the clock via the Ethernet as opposed to a wall outlet. These devices can be purchased on the same page where you buy our clocks.

* The network will need to support POE (Power Over Ethernet), typically through a POE switch that would push power along with their Ethernet/internet connection. This is not something we supply and the adapter will not work without this. 

How Do They Work?

The adapter has an RJ-45 (Ethernet) connection on one end to which you plug your network line. On the other end, a split cable is connected to the clock, one for the Ethernet port, the other for the power. Specs on the device are attached to the bottom of this article.

Which One Do I Need?

There are two types of POE Converters, 5 Volt and 12 Volt. You need to choose based on the type of clock you are using. Note that the the Z18 cannot be used with the POE adapter.

5 Volt POE

  • Z11
  • Z33
  • Z34

12 Volt POE

  • Z12
  • Z14
  • TimeWorksTouch


POEConverterDoc.pdf POEConverterDoc.pdf

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