Product Ideas - Requesting Product Enhancements

Ideas for product enhancements can now be submitted, and monitored, in Product Ideas. Your ideas for new features and functionality can be requested in this new Product Management portal.  Product Ideas replaces the Idea Exchange formerly housed in the CRMDesk support portal.
Product Ideas provides improved visibility of your idea's status as well as additional tools for searching and sorting all our partner product enhancement requests. Use of Product Ideas is simple. This article will provide some additional answers to questions regarding the transition as well as basic use of the portal.

What's happening to requests from the old Idea Exchange?

Most of the existing suggestions, and their votes, have been migrated to Product Ideas. If you happen to recall the ID number of your previously submitted ideas, you can likely still find them by typing the ID into the Product Idea's Search bar. If you don't recall the ID, you can enter the subject of your suggestion into the search and scan the results for a possible match. In some cases, we have consolidated similar requests into one idea.

How do I get to Product Ideas?

Product Ideas can only be accessed through TimeWorks and TimeWorksPlus. Once you log in to either system, look for the Help & Support section in the left navigational menu. Click Submit Product Ideas and you will land on the dashboard page of Product Ideas.
You don't need an additional login for Product Ideas. Your accountant login to Swipeclock acts as your login.

Can I go directly to Product Ideas?

No, access to Product Ideas is through the Swipeclock system only. Your login to Swipeclock acts as your sign-on to Product Ideas. You must be in either TimeWorks or TimeWorksPlus to access the portal.

Submitting a new Product Idea

Once you have accessed Product Ideas, creating a new request for functionality is quite simple.
  1. Click the Add a new idea button on the left side of the page
  2. Type a summary of your new idea in the text box. As you do this, Product Ideas display possible matches from existing ideas. If you see one similar to your request, you can contribute your vote to that idea.
  3. If none of the suggested ideas match what you are requesting, continue explaining your idea in the Please add more details box.
  4. Choose the Category that most closely represents the classification of enhancement.
  5. Component designates the area of use for the idea. You can designate multiple components from a list of options, like Mobile App or WebClock.
  6. Product identifies the platform to which this request applies.
  7. Click Share to submit your idea. Once you do that, you can register your vote by clicking the Vote icon near the top left of the page. After that, you will receive notifications if there are additional votes or changes in status.
If you have already shared your idea and want to add additional information, you can use the Comment option below the idea explanation.

Voting / commenting on an existing Product Idea

Each idea will have a Vote button near the top left of the idea's description. You can click this button to add your vote. If you choose to remove your vote, click the button again.
If you have additional feedback you want to contribute on an idea you can use the Comment option for the idea.

Following an Idea

Following an idea means you will receive email notifications if there is a change in status or additional votes for the idea.
If you submit an idea, you will automatically be set as a follower of the idea.
If you want to follow an idea you did not submit, click the Follow button associated with the idea.


The dashboard of Product Ideas will give you some additional tools for searching and sorting ideas. You can quickly find ideas you are involved with by clicking the My Ideas or My Votes link.
You can also filter all ideas by their Status to see which ideas have been prioritized by Product Management.
Filter by Category allows you to browse ideas based on functionality classification. 

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