File Format Maintenance - TWP

TimeWorksPlus, unlike TimeWorks, has a designated rule for mapping labor codes and numeric values to the export file. If you are exporting clock prompt data for a TimeWorksPlus client, these values most likely needs to be set on the File Format Maintenance page.

Setting File Format Maintenance (Labor Mapping)

The File Format Maintenance page can be accessed from the Accountant Menu. Select File Format Maintenance (Mapping Rule) in the SETTINGS FOR THE CURRENTLY SELECTED CLIENT section.
  1. Enter your export file format in the Format Name box and click Check
  2. The page will refresh with a list of the export fields that can be mapped*. Use the dropdowns to select the clock prompt or employee setup field that needs to be included in the export.
  3. Click Save
*The type and number of fields you can map are dictated by your file format.

What is My File Format?

Your file format is the value you enter in the File format name field when creating the export file in Download Activity Files. It is related to the payroll platform you use. If you do not know your file format, you can try sum3 or csvdetail, generic formats which, even if they do not work with your payroll software, may assist in troubleshooting the problem. You may want to see if someone in your organization knows which file format you need to use.

Troubleshooting File Formats?

We create file formats to work within the specifications of many commonly used payroll systems, but since we do not have access to your payroll software, all we can do is verify that the appropriate data is being included in the export. There may also be multiple versions of file formats per payroll software, so as you can see, it is critical you know which file format is necessary for your payroll. 

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