Pay Code Translation - TWP

This article applies only to TimeWorksPlus. Please see Pay Code Translation - TW if you are using TimeWorks.

Pay Code Translation simply translates what we use as a category (in SwipeClock) to what you want used when exporting (to your payroll software).

To set up the pay code translation go to:
  1. Settings Menu (left side pane) --> Processing Rules
  2. In the "Search for a rule" box (at the bottom of the page) do a search for "PayCodeTranslation"
  3. Select the "PayCodeTranslation" rule and it will pull up the translation page
The format is the same except that now everything is in a single box AND has you type the whole translation in a simple format. Below are some examples:
  • Regular=E01
  • Overtime=E02
  • Sick=E06
  • Vacation=E07
  • Holiday=E08
  • Personal=E09
  • Funeral=E10
  • Absent=E11
  • HolidayWrk=E12

So using the first line of the example (Regular=E01) the format is category name (Regular) equals (=) earning code (E01).

It supports deduction codes, such as "D01" in the place of E01, if your export (file format) supports deductions.

This rule allows for an unlimited amount of translations versus the TimeWorks translation where it had a predefined limit on the amount of codes one could use.

IMPORTANT: This rule is case sensitive, so it is very important that the entries mach exactly as they appear in the PunchCategories rule. This includes leading or trailing spaces that may have inadvertently been entered in the rule.

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