Promoting Categories to Overtime - TWP

This article applies to TimeWorksPlus, if you are looking for information on TimeWorks, see Overtime Categories- TimeWorks.

By default, only Regular promotes to Overtime in TimeWorksPlus. If your client has additional categories that they want promoted to overtime, or they allow for certain paid leave categories to contribute towards overtime, you can change the categories overtime eligibility in the PunchCategories Processing Rule.
  1. From the Accountant Menu, click the Processing Rules link under the Settings for the Currently Selected Client
  2. Choose the Processing rules category.
  3. Select PunchCategories from the list of results. For more information on the PunchCategories rule, see Adding / Changing Pay Categories- TWP.
  4. *In the Overtime Eligible column, set the dropdown to YES if you would like the category to promote to overtime.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
IMPORTANT: At this time, the Indirect option in the Overtime Eligible setting does not work. If your client wants the category to indirectly contribute towards overtime (meaning the hours in the category contribute towards the threshold, but only Regular hours will actually change to Overtime) please see Scripting Indirect Overtime.

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