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  • Workgroups and Position Codes

    In order for an employee to be scheduled in TimeSimplicity, they must be a member of a Workgroup* and have at ...

    Mar 13, 2017 04:08PM MDT
  • TimeSimplicity FAQ for Partners

    Attached is a PDF document that addresses questions related to TimeSimplicity Scheduling.

    Apr 27, 2017 05:03PM MDT
  • Setting Up Managers in TimeSimplicity

    The Manager Rules tab for an employee enables access to managerial functions in TimeSimplicity in addition to ...

    Apr 27, 2017 05:05PM MDT
  • Manager Roles in TimeSimplicity

    Roles are a set of permissions and rules that can be applied to employees and managers in TimeSimplicity. For ...

    Mar 03, 2017 01:46PM MST
  • Pre-Defined Manager Roles in TimeSimplicity

    TimeSimplicity allows for a great deal of customization regarding the permissions given to a manager. However,...

    Mar 03, 2017 01:45PM MST
  • Employee Notifications - TimeSimplicity

    Employees have the ability to receive text and/or email notifications for various events in TimeSimplicity. Fo...

    Mar 13, 2017 04:12PM MDT
  • Schedule Levels in TimeSimplicity

    Schedule Levels connect an Organizational Code to a schedule in TimeSimplicity. They can qualify an employee t...

    Apr 25, 2017 05:14PM MDT
  • Candidate Order

    Candidate Ordering in TimeSimplicity sorts employees that are the best fit for a shift. It can be used by the ...

    Jun 13, 2017 04:55PM MDT
  • Workgroups - Creation and Configuration

    Workgroups in TimeSimplicity organize employees into scheduling groups. When a schedule is created, it is done...

    Mar 03, 2017 11:04AM MST
  • Employee Roles

    Employee Roles are a set of permissions that dictate what an employee can and cannot do in TimeSimplicity. The...

    Mar 06, 2017 10:17AM MST
  • Get More in Support Center

    Swipeclock partners can submit cases to technical support and view additional articles in Support Center.

    Your accountant login to TimeWorksPlus is required to access Support Center.
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