New Support Case Process Coming

Early this summer, SwipeClock will implement a new system for managing support cases and its knowledge base. With this will be some changes in how partners submit cases to Tech Support. This article briefly explains those changes while providing a visual example of the new case submission form.

Support Center Link

Support Center will continue to be visible to partners in TimeWorksPlus and TimeWorks. This is still where you would go to search the knowledge base and create a case for tech support.
However, after the transition, you will no longer be logged into Support Center with your SwipeClock Accountant-level credentials. Instead, clicking the Support Center link will take you to a public-facing partner knowledge base that is also directly accessible by any SwipeClock partner through the URL:
What this means for many of you is that:
  • People in your organization without Accountant-level credentials can now submit cases to Tech Support.
  • You should no longer have problems with article links taking you to the TimeWorksPlus login page. (This problem was a result of clicking a Support Center link when not logged into Support Center.)

Viewing My Cases

Because we are no longer authenticating partners for access to Support Center, the My Cases feature, which allowed partners to view and respond to cases, will be discontinued.

We still encourage you to search for answers in our extensive knowledge base, but if you are unable to find an article that solves your issue, you will have a Contact Support button on any article detail page.

Contact Support Form

You can still submit a case through Support Center by clicking the Contact Support Button (example pictured below), which will take you to a slightly different case form-fill.
The case form will now ask for three additional fields: your name, your email address and your company's name. Please, whenever possible, use an email associated with your company's domain. This will assist us in quickly identifying your account.
We would also like you to specify the site number of the affected client. This will be optional for now, but it does help agents address your issue more efficiently. To find out how to locate a client's site number, please see Finding Your Client's Site ID.
After filling out the form with a detailed description of your issue (including any examples with employee full names and dates), click the submit button and you'll see a confirmation page.

An agent will respond to you within 24 hours to the email you provided on the form. 

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