VIDEO: Clock Prompts

Clock prompts are primarily used to collect information from employees when they punch in and out, like a department code or a tip amount. However, a better definition for clock prompts in SwipeClock would be to describe them as a way to attach additional data to an employees hours. 

These videos introduce clock prompts and show you how to set them up for your client.

Types of Clock Prompts and Creating a Labor Prompt

There are two types of clock prompts: labor and numeric. This video explains the difference and also shows how to setup a labor prompt for collecting department information.

Numeric Prompts

Numeric prompts are generally used to collect items that are totaled on the employee's time card, like tips for mileage. This video shows how to configure a numeric clock prompt for that purpose.

Settings for WebClock and TimeWorksTouch Clock Prompts

While clock prompts perform the same job regardless of the type of clock your client uses, there are some additional settings that apply specifically to prompts used on WebClock, mobile or TimeWorksTouch.

Location Stamps

When using a physical clock (not WebClock or mobile), you can use a Location Stamp to automatically populate a location code from the clock itself -- no entry by the employee is necessary. This video shows you how.

Labor Mapping / File Format Maintenance

If you're going to be including any clock prompt data in your payroll export, you'll want to watch this video which explains how to map the clock prompt data to your export file.

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