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TimeWorksPlus Employee

Your clients will soon be able to take advantage of TimeWorksPlus Employee, an improved mobile app containing all the time and attendance features of our web portal. If your clients have been using our original TimeWorksPlus Mobile app, you will want to get them changed over to TimeWorksPlus Employee after it's released in October.

IMPORTANT: TimeWorksPlus Employee is for employees only, manager features are not included in this new app. Managers should continue to use the TimeWorksPlus mobile app.

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What's Different in TimeWorksPlus Employee?

The App Now Matches the Web Interface

The first thing you'll notice is that TimeWorksPlus Employee looks nearly identical our new Employee Web Portal. The only difference in the interface is that the navigation tabs are on the bottom of the mobile app as opposed to the top of the web app. 

Also, at this time, the Employee Bulletins are yet to be included in the mobile app, but that functionality will be coming soon.

The new mobile app, TimeWorksPlus Employee, is nearly identical to our Employee Web Portal
While the TimeWorksPlus Employee interface now matches the interface of the standard web portal, there are some new features beyond the updated UI. Employees will now be able to get push notifications for certain events in timekeeping and scheduling, like a notification that their time off request has been improved.

Push Notifications

Employees can enable the following push notifications on TimeWorksPlus Employee. Please note, some of these notifications require TimeSimplicity Scheduling.
  • Time Off Request Approved/Modified/Denied Notification
  • "Clock In" Reminder (requires Basic Scheduling or TimeSimplicity)
  • Schedule Published Notification (requires TimeSimplicity)
  • Shift Modified/Added Notification (requires TimeSimplicity)
If you are interested in learning about the benefits of TimeSimplicity, please contact your Channel Development Manager.

New Workforce Management Features

The improvements in TimeWorksPlus Employee aren't just limited to the employee experience. GPS tracking is now improved with the use of the device's native geo-location services.

Improved GPS accuracy is an additional improvement of TimeWorksPlus Employee
The collection of location data still requires enabling "Add GPS to Mobile" in Employee Setup as well as the employee allowing GPS tracking in the app.

The app is now also compatible with Intelligent Clock functionality, so you can leverage the following features:
  • Clock Lockout - Prevent employee from clocking in early.
  • Punch Logic  - Spend less time editing missed punches because the clock will reference the time card and enable the next logical punch type. For example: If the employee is clocked in, don't let them mistakenly clock in again. 
  • Meal/Break Tracking - Enable specific buttons on the clock for paid breaks and lunches while also enforcing rules associated with those breaks.
IMPORTANT: Intelligent Clock features only work with TimeWorksTouch, WebClock or TimeWorksPlus Employee.

Disabling/Enabling Mobile Punching

The ability to clock in and out on TimeWorksPlus Employee is dependent on the mobile settings in Employee Setup. If your clients have already been using our original mobile app and specified which employees can punch in and out on the app, the new app will still honor those settings.

If they have not been using our mobile app prior to this, keep in mind the punch functionality is not enabled by default, and they can choose who can use it on an employee-by-employee basis.

Giving employees the ability to clock in and out on the app is done in Employee Setup
In the Identity section of the employee record (found in Employee Setup), you can enable/disable the Mobile Punch Enabled option. Turning this on will allow the employee to use the mobile app to clock in and out.

When Can Clients Start Using the New Employee App?

The app should be available in October, but your clients will not be able to use it immediately. That's because use of the app is dependent on their account being transitioned to our new Employee Web Portal (more on that in the following section). In November, we will provide partners the ability to transition sites from the old web portal (formerly called ESS) to the new Employee Web Portal. Once this has been done, employees will be able to start using TimeWorksPlus Employee. If you would like this done sooner, please reach out to your Channel Development Manager.

Once your site has been converted to the new Employee Portal, we suggest following these steps:
  1. Provide your client with this article link that has instructions for their employees: 
    You can also provide your client with this article explaining the features of the app:
  2. Ask your client's employees to go to their respective app store and download TimeWorksPlus Employee. When searching, they will also likely see an app called TimeWorksPlus, which is our old app; they need to select TimeWorksPlus Employee, not TimeWorksPlus. If the employee already has our old app, they should not uninstall it.
  3. Once the employee installs, logs in and opens the new app, they will be asked to allow GPS services and push notifications. If they don't agree to the GPS tracking, the location will not be collected with their punch, regardless of the settings in their Employee Setup.

    Employees will be asked to allow location tracking when first
    opening the app
  4. Once the employee confirms they can login to the new app and view their time card, then they can choose to uninstall the old app with the exception of managers and supervisors. They will still need to use the old app for management functions.

Getting the New Employee Portal is Required

As we said earlier, TimeWorksPlus Employee is scheduled to be available in the App Store and Google Play in mid- to late-October. At that time, any employee can download it and install it on their iOS or Android device. However, the account must also be setup with the new TimeWorksPlus Employee Web Portal before the employee can actually use the device. Contact your Channel Development Manager for more information on when your account will be transitioned to the new web portal.

Our new Employee Portal is required for use of the new app
Only accounts setup with the new Employee Web Portal (top image) are able to use the new TimeWorksPlus Employee mobile app.

If employees try to use the new mobile app prior to the portal being enabled, they will receive a message notifying them they can't use the mobile app at this time.

What is Happening to the Old App? 

The old app, called TimeWorksPlus Mobile, is not going away. Managers and supervisors will need to continue using this app since their features are not included in TimeWorksPlus Employee.

Our old app, TimeWorksPlus, will still function for managers
Our original app, TimeWorksPlus Mobile, can still be used by employees and has to be used by managers.
This also means that employees will still be able to use the old app, but because of the improved UI and functionality, we suggest you have your clients switch over to the new app as soon as they can.

Who Can Use the App and Can I Disable It?

Any employee of a TimeWorksPlus account that has been converted to our new Employee Web Portal can use the new TimeWorksPlus Employee. With it, they will, at minimum, be able to view their time card and change their personal information (email and phone). Any features beyond that are dependent on the account settings. For example: If requesting time off is not enabled for the account, the employee will not see the "Time Off" feature. If the account doesn't use scheduling, then the "Scheduling" page will be disabled.

With our previous app, you could disable an employee's access to the app completely by using a setting in Employee Setup. However, with the new app, you can no longer disable the app this way. Providing employees a mobile option for their timekeeping portal is now a standard part of the system.

If you did want to deny an employee access, you would need to remove their password in the "Logins" section of Employee Setup, but be aware, this would also prevent them from using the Web Portal and WebClock.

The "Mobile Enabled" field in Employee Setup no longer has any impact on an employee's access to the app

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