Execupay - TimeWorksPlus Integration Setup

What Does It Do?

TimeWorksPlus can be integrated with Execupay's PlatinumPay and PlatinumPay Xpress platforms to sync employee data and automate the timekeeping import through the Power Grid.
The integration is setup within Execupay, but does require some additional information from SwipeClock.
This article explains how to implement and use the integration. 

TimeWorks vs TimeWorksPlus

If your client is using TimeWorks, our legacy timekeeping product, or is migrating from TimeWorks to TimeWorksPlus, please see the article titled Execupay to TimeWorks Integration


Implementing the integration can be done by any Execupay provider that also has Accountant level access to SwipeClock. 

IMPORTANT: As the integration was developed by Execupay, the most accurate information on implementation can be found in Execupay's Knowledge Base.

1 - Get Your SwipeClock API Secret

In TimeWorksPlus, go to the Accountant Menu and select Accountant Level API Secret. Do not use the Client Level secret.

The SwipeClock API secret is found in the Accountant Menu
Copy both the secret and your Accountant ID to a text document for easy access in later steps.
If there is no string in the secret field, click the Generate button.
If there is already a string in that field, do not click "Regenerate". This may break any existing integrations.

Copy and paste the API Secret into a text file for pasting into Execupay

2 - Add the API Secret to the Account in Execupay

In Execupay, navigate to the Online Access page, click the Settings button and choose Time Integrations / TimeWorksPlus. Enter the API Secret and Accountant ID (which goes in the
"Code" field.

Enter your Accountant ID and API Secret for each client you want integrated with TWP

3 - Enable the TimeWorksPlus Integration

For each client, you will also need their TimeWorksPlus Site ID (sometimes referred to as Site Code). You can find that number by viewing your Client List in TimeWorksPlus.

Your client's TWP Site Code can be found in your Client List
Once you have the Site ID, return to Execupay, select the client and click the TimeWorksPlus button in the Online Access page.
To activate the site, select the Client Setup tab on the right. Enter the TimeWorksPlus Site ID in the "Account" field. Then toggle the integration to "Active".
The accounts should now be integrated and you can choose to map your employee data and run the initial sync.

Employee Integration

When using the integration, Execupay is the system of record for employee data and can populate the following fields in TimeWorksPlus:
First, Middle and Last Designation
Start Date End Date
Phone Email
Pay Rate* Department
Location Supervisor
Employee Type Home 1-3
Card Numbers/Login Password**
Schedule Options
WebClock Enabled Export Block

Some of these fields can be disabled with the checkboxes on the Client Setup in Execupay.
*The Pay Rate field is not enabled by default in TimeWorksPlus. If you want to track pay rates, you need to turn on the Pay Rate Rule. Also, any time you turn on additional Employee Setup fields in TimeWorksPlus, like Pay Rates, extra Department fields or Home fields, you will need to click the "Refresh from SwipeClock" button to see those fields in your mapping options.

If you add fields in TWP (like Pay Rates), use the "Refresh from SwipeClock"
button to repopulate the mapped fields

**Integrating Passwords with TimeWorksPlus

Employees in TimeWorksPlus are required to change their initial password when they first login. To prevent the integration from overwriting their password, it is suggested to disable the password integration.

To avoid passwords being overwritten, disable the Password
mapping after the initial sync

Adding/Syncing Employees to TimeWorksPlus

Execupay should always be the system of record for employee data. For that reason, it is suggested that new hires be added to Execupay first, then sent to timekeeping through the integration.
You do have the option to prevent certain employees from being sent to TimeWorksPlus. On the TimeWorksPlus page in Execupay, the employee list has a checkbox column labeled "In TimeWorksPlus". This can be used to prevent certain employees, like salaried employees, from being sent to timekeeping.

You can use the "In TWP" column to filter the employee sync
If for some reason, you don’t see all the client's employees listed on this page, you can use the "Show All Employees" to display those that are not synced to timekeeping.
When a synced employee has an exclamation point by their name, it usually means they lack a Card Number/Login in Execupay and won't be able to use the timekeeping system. To fix this, click their name and add a card number to the field.

You will be alerted if synced employees don't have a card number for timekeeping

Importing Timekeeping

The other part of Execupay's integration allows for you, or in some cases your client, to import time cards directly from TimeWorksPlus using the PowerGrid.
  1. To start a new payroll, follow the standard steps provided by Execupay.
  2. Use the Power Grid Button
  3. Choose "Import from TLM"

    Import from TLM pulls in the time cards through the integration
  4. Use "Provider TimeWorksPlusDetails

    Use TimeWorksPlusDetail as the Provider when importing time

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