Data Sync - TWP to TimeSimplicity

TimeSimplicity and TimeWorksPlus exchange data via an integration that is enabled with the Scheduling Management page in TimeWorksPlus. Once this integration is setup, the following data will be updated between the system within moments:

TimeWorksPlus to TimeSimplicity

  • Employee Setup "Codes" that are mapped to Workgroups, Positions, Shift, etc. in TimeSimplicity.
  • Employees, including their name, employee code, phone, email, etc.*
  • Org Assignments, which is how Codes imported from Employee Setup are tied to employees.
  • Time Off Requests. Only approved time off requests are imported to TimeSimplicity.

TimeSimplicity to TimeWorksPlus

  • Published Schedules will be visible when schedules are viewed on the time card.
Whenever a change is made in one system, the other system will update within moments, often in seconds.

For example: 
If you change an employee's Title in TimeWorksPlus, then their Position in TimeSimplicity will change within seconds. This is assuming the standard field mapping between the two systems, it is possible that you have a different field mapped to Position

When a change is made to a mapped field in TWP, the corresponding field in TS will change immediately.

Because Title is mapped to Position, the employee now has a new Position Code in TimeSimplicity

*Employee Data Originates in TimeWorksPlus

Do not manually add employees to TimeSimplicity. It is important to let the integration populate employee data first. Failure to do so will result in duplicate employees and cause problems with the scheduling process.

Don't I Have to Schedule the Integration?

Technically, no, you do not need to schedule the integration if your client uses TimeWorksPlus, but originally, when we first released the TWP to TS integration, you did have to schedule the integration. It is still suggested that you force the integration to run once per day.

This was done in TimeSimplicity using the TimeWorksPlus Integration menu, which you can still view and will reflect and settings defined in Scheduling Management. This page also contains some additional settings related to the integration.

This page in TimeSimplicity is also where you can view a log of the data sync and it will detail any errors related to the integration.

The integrations page in TimeSimplicity still shows a record of the data sync between the two systems

For more on TimeWorksPlus Integration page in TimeSimplicity, please see the article Running the TimeWorksPlus - TimeSimplicity Integration.

TimeSimplicity Integration Rules

While Scheduling Management in TimeWorksPlus takes care of much of the data mapping between the two systems, there are still some settings on the TimeSimplicity side you may need to adjust.

There are three additional rules you can set in TimeSimplicity, related to the integration
  • Import Email Address and Import Phone Number allow you to override the contact information contained in TimeWorksPlus and manually enter the email and phone for each employee in TimeSimplicity.
  • On Time Off and Schedule Conflict decides what is done when an approved time off requests conflicts with a scheduled shift:
    • Create Notification Message means the manager will see a message on their TimeSimplicity Dashboard
    • Move Scheduled Shift to Open moves the shift to "Open" status, meaning it can be assigned to another employee by the manager or, picked up by an eligible employee.
    • Delete Scheduled Shift will do just that. This is generally not recommended.

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