Using the Millennium – TimeWorksPlus Integration

This article is for partners that have already implemented the TimeWorksPlus – M3 Integration and explains how to map employee data, use the custom screens and import the time file.
If you are looking for the installation and setup guide, please see Millennium – TWP Integration – Installation and Setup.

Integration Custom Screens

When you setup the the M3-SwipeClock integration, there will be new, custom screens in M3 designed specifically for the integration. Every screen has a "Help" button for viewing help topics for that particular screen. Some of the custom screens in M3 will differ slightly depending on which system the client is utilizing in SwipeClock (TimeWorks or TimeWorksPlus). This article is written specifically for TimeWorksPlus.

Topical Index

Employee Data Field Mapping

If desired, certain data columns may be set up to synchronize between M3 and TimeWorksPlus. To enable data synchronization, in M3:
  1. Navigate to CompanyEmployees.
  2. Click on the Settings button.

    Mapping employee data is done in M3 with the Settings button on the "Employees" page
  3. In the Set Column Mapping section, select the M3 fields to map to the SwipeClock fields by using the drop-down lists.
  4. Click Save.

    "Set Column Mapping" allows you to pick which data is sent to TWP
The column on the left titled Choose Columns is just used to pick which columns are displayed on the employee list. It does not affect the mapping.

What Data Can Be Mapped?

The following fields can be enabled to map organizational data to TimeWorksPlus.
Department Department
Supervisor Supervisor
Location CC1 through CC5
Default Pay Rate (Pay Rate 0)* Base
Pay Rate 1 Rate 1
Pay Rate 2 Rate 2
Pay Rate 3 Rate 3

*In order to sync pay rates between the two systems, the PayRates rule must be enabled in TimeWorksPlus.

The following TWP fields can be mapped to any of the M3 fields listed on the right. Any other fields are hardcoded.
TWP M3 M3 cont.
Desigation Address1 Address2
Title Autopay Birth Date
Home1, 2, 3 Citizenship City
Card Number 1, 2, 3 County Country
Schedule (simple Employee
Setup field schedule,
i.e. "8:30-5:00pm")
Disability Desc Email
  Emp Type Ethnicity
  Home Phone Mail Stop
  Marital Status Memo
  Nickname Pay Group
  Prior Last Name Salutation
  State Zip
  Title Veteran Desc
  Union Code User 1-8
  Work Phone WCC

Manually Syncing Employee Data

To perform a data synchronization, click on the Sync Fields button in the Employees page.

Updating employee data in Millennium with the "Sync Fields" button
This will display any employee data that is out-of sync between M3 and SwipeClock. Employee fields can be synced individually or all at once, depending on the desired results. The data can be either pulled from SwipeClock into Millennium or vice-versa.

Fields that are out of sync between the two systems are shown in yellow

Add Existing Employee in M3 to TimeWorksPlus

The scheduled tasks that you setup in the initial installation should eventually update TimeWorksPlus with any employees that exist in TimeWorksPlus, but if you would like to manually add an employee to TimeWorksPlus:
  1. In M3, navigate to the employee you wish to add to TimeWorksPlus.
  2. Click on the Information tab.
  3. You will see a message at the bottom of the screen. Click the link to add the employee to TimeWorksPlus.

    You can add employees to TWP individually
Note: If certain data columns are set up in the interface to be synchronized between Millennium and SwipeClock, any columns mapped will be automatically set in SwipeClock with the selected data from Millennium upon adding the employee to TimeWorksPlus.

Add New Employee in M3 to TimeWorksPlus

When you are adding an employee to Millennium, you have the option to immediately add them to TimeWorksPlus. In M3, navigate to the Add New Employee screen. At the top of the screen you will see the SwipeClock section. Check the Add Employee to SwipeClock box to add the new employee to TimeWorksPlus at the same time they are added to M3.

When adding a new employee in M3, you can choose to add them to TWP
If the employee will be using the web clock, check the box next to Web Clock. If a particular password is desired enter it into the Web Password field. Otherwise, a password will be generated automatically consisting of the employee’s first initial, last initial and the last 6 digits of their SSN.
Then follow the normal procedure for adding the employee to M3 by filling in the necessary payroll information.
Note: If certain data columns are set up in the interface to be synchronized between M3 and SwipeClock, any columns mapped will be automatically set in TimeWorksPlus with the selected data from M3 upon new employee creation.

Add Existing Employee in TimeWorksPlus to M3

If there is an employee in TimeWorksPlus that does not exist in M3 and you want to add them, navigate to CompanyEmployees. You will see a list of employees set up in TimeWorksPlus. If any employees do not exist in M3, an Add to M3 button will appear next to their name in the list on this screen.

Employees that are in TWP but not in M3 can be imported through M3
Click the button to automatically add the employee to M3.
Note: If certain data columns are set up in the interface to be synchronized between Millennium and SwipeClock, any columns mapped will be automatically set in M3 with the selected data from TimeWorksPlus upon new employee creation.
Also, some fields will be populated with the M3 defaults since no corresponding values exist in TimeWorksPlus. For example, when bringing an employee from TimeWorksPlus into M3, the employee’s taxes will be set up with the company defaults. If the defaults are not appropriate for the employee they will need to be edited in M3 after the employee is created.

Edit Employee TWP Information in M3

For employee data specific to TimeWorksPlus, you do have the option to change that data in M3:
  1. In M3, navigate to the employee for which you wish to edit their TimeWorksPlus information.
  2. Click on the Information tab.
  3. Edit any of the fields on this page under the SwipeClock Employee Info section.
  4. Click the Save Changes button to instantly update the information in TimeWorksPlus.
Note: If certain columns are set up in the interface to be synchronized between M3 and SwipeClock, any changes to those fields on this screen will automatically update the associated M3 fields.

Import Time

Once the pay period has been checked and edited by your client, you can import the timekeeping file through the Payroll Entry screen in M3.
Start the payroll using the normal process in M3. Navigate to the Payroll Entry screen. Click the Import link in the Timeclock Imports section of the batches area. This will automatically import all of the time from SwipeClock into M3.
The pay period dates for the import file are pulled from the current calendar check date. The dates may be overridden using the fields at the bottom of the screen. (Configuring the Time Import service is covered in the
article titled Millennium M3 - TimeWorksPlus Integration - Installation and Setup.)
If a filter is being used to limit the employees’ data in SwipeClock that are brought into Millennium, then clock prompts are required to be set up in SwipeClock to allow for X and Y labor mapping.
Example: In SwipeClock there is one company, “ABC” but in Millennium there are two companies, “ABCEast” and “ABCWest”. In SwipeClock, employees are
assigned a home location of either “ABCEast” or “ABCWest”. In Millennium, you would select a location filter in “ABCEast” company of “ABCEast”. Then employees’ time that is imported will be filtered for employee’s only in that
company. The clock prompts would be set up as Y = Location and to collect the employee’s home department upon clock-in.

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