My Client Can't Unfinalize

If your client needs to unfinalize a pay period, and they don't see any pay periods listed, then the likely reason is that the pay periods are "accepted", which prevents them from unfinalizing.

If the client doesn't see any pay periods in the unfinalize tab, you will need to unfinalize
for them

An easy way to confirm whether the pay periods have been accepted or not is by selecting the Select Other Pay Periods option under Time Cards and if the pay periods are listed as Processed, then the pay periods are accepted (see below).

The pay periods that say "Processed" have been accepted, which prevents the client from un-finalizing.

To resolve this
  1. Go to your client's account
  2. Choose Finalize Pay Period from the Maintenance Menu
  3. Select the Unfinalize tab
  4. You can now simultaneously unaccept and unfinalize for your client. There is no unaccept option on this page, by unfinalizing, as a partner, you are also unaccepting.

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