Battery for TimeWorksTUFF and TimeWorksTouch

Under normal usage, the included, internal battery on TimeWorksTouch/TUFF can last 5-6 hours idle, 4-5 hours with normal punching.

SwipeClock does not sell an add-on/external battery for TimeWorksTouch or TimeWorksTUFF. However, there are various power chargers that can extend the life of the battery when the clock is in locations without AC. 

RAVPower makes a device, available on Amazon, that in our experience, extends the life of the clock to a total of 8-10 hours. This portable charger takes about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge and can be used in the field to power your client's TimeWorksTouch and TimeWorksTUFF clock. The model number of this battery is RP-PB054 and it has a built in AC outlet in addition to USB ports.

Here is the link to the item on Amazon:
but as this is not one of our products, we are not actively monitoring the page for any changes.

The charger will not power the clock when it itself is charging.

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