Millennium / TimeWorksPlus Integration

TimeWorksPlus integrates with Millennium's M3 payroll software via Baker Technology's M3 to SwipeClock Interface software. 

The integration provides the following functionality:
  • employee sync
  • accrual sync
  • time import file
This article serves as a brief and basic implementation guide as well as an overview of the integration's features. To get more detailed information on the integration, as well as how to license it, contact Baker Technology Consulting.

Two Way Sync

While most bureaus designate payroll as the system as record, the M3-TWP integration can be setup in either direction. This can be advantageous if your client is a new M3 client but an existing TimeWorksPlus user and much of the existing employee data is already in TimeWorksPlus.
While this two-way sync is helpful, keep in mind, one system must be the system of record.

What About PayEntry?

‚ÄčIf instead you are looking for information on integrating with PayEntry, please see the following article which explains enabling TimeWorksPlus to pull employee data from PayEntry.

Topical Index

Integration Setup

The necessary software for the integration must be licensed and acquired from Baker Technology Consulting. This software needs to be installed on the Windows machine running your M3 instance.
The integration requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.
Detailed knowledge of your M3 installation is required to install the Baker Tech M3-TWP integration. You will also need to schedule a command line executable in Baker Tech's command line interface program. If you are unfamiliar with either of those items, get your IT administrator to perform the installation.
SwipeClock does not support the installation and configuration of M3, nor are we able to assist with any questions related to how the integration is installed on your network. Full instructions on installing the interface are documented by Baker Technologies and will accompany the software. A copy of their instructions can be found here, but always reference Baker Tech Consulting for the latest documentation.

What is Needed from SwipeClock for the Integration?

The setup process begins with the association of your SwipeClock account with your M3 account. To do this, you will need the following from SwipeClock:
  • Accountant Level Login A dedicated SwipeClock accountant level login with password is necessary. This should not be an actual user account, but rather a dedicated login only used for the integration. Contact your Channel Development Manager for this credential. These credentials will go in the SwipeClock Service Bureau Login ID fields of the Baker Tech Interface Setup page.
  • Master Site Code The initial setup requires the site code for a single account in your SwipeClock client list. This can be a pre-existing and active site. Most often a demo account is used for this purpose.

    The Site Code for the integration is found be selecting your client list from the leftside nav menu.
  • Accountant ID and API Secret These items are found in the Accountant Menu of TimeWorksPlus. Both are entered on the Interface Setup Page.

    Look for your Accountant ID and Secret in the Accountant
    Menu under Accountant Level Secret Management
With those items, you can setup the integration software with the instructions provided by Baker Technologies.

Integrating a Client Account

With the integration software installed and the schedule set, you can now integrate individual client accounts. As mentioned earlier, this integration also allows for designating the direction of the data sync. This data flow can further be set per company.
Much of this process is done in Millennium, under the "Company Notes", but before you begin, you will need the Site Code from SwipeClock for each account you want to integrate.

Enabling the integration for a client is done in the Company Notes of M3.
  1. Access the Company Notes in M3.
  2. Enter TWP for the Category.
  3. Enter Site in the Code field.
  4. Check Date and Entry Date can remain blank.
  5. Enter the SwipeClock Site Code in the Description field.
Next you will follow a similar process for setting the sites employee sync.

Configuring the Employee Sync in Company Notes
  1. Access the Company Notes in M3.
  2. Enter TWP for the Category.
  3. Enter EE for the Code.
  4. Check Date and Entry Date can remain blank, but Entry Date will update every time the interface successfully syncs employee data.
  5. In the Description field, enter either TWP or M3 depending on which is the system of record.
Payroll Groups
A special Payroll Group is used to determine which employee data is synchronized from M3 to SwipeClock. For TimeWorksPlus clients, the payroll group label must be TWP. The Auto Add SQL can be any code that produces the desired set of employees but it is recommended that, at a minimum, only active employees be configured.

Using a SQL Filter to select employees to be passed on to TimeWorksPlus
Next would be the Time Import Service setup, also done in Millennium. It should be configured similar to the picture below. Make sure the Filename field is set to the full path of your Timeclock folder with the company code and a CSV file extension.

The Time Import configuration in M3
Description should be set to TimeWorksPlus Interface.
Optional: Accrual Sync
If you want to also sync accrual balances, you will need to add an Accrual note in M3 as well as do some additional configuration in TimeWorksPlus. These instructions just cover the Company notes setup. Reference the steps provided by Baker Tech for full details on setting up the accrual integration.

Accrual Sync is setup with the code "Accrual" and requires additional configuration in TimeWorksPlus.
  1. Access the Company Notes in M3.
  2. Enter TWP for the Category.
  3. Enter Accrual for the Code.
  4. Check Date and Entry Date can remain blank, but Entry Date will update every time the interface successfully syncs employee data.
  5. In the Description field, enter either TWP or M3 depending on which is the system of record.

Employee Sync

The following section details the nature of the employee data sync between M3 and TimeWorksPlus as well as how you can force an update in either system.

Fields Automatically Synced

The following fields are synced by default and do not require any custom mapping:
  • Employee ID (Employee Code in TWP)
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Start Date (TWP will use the later of the Hire, Rehire or Adjusted Seniority Date.)
If you want to integrate employee data other than these minimal fields listed above, that needs to be enabled in M3. The following section explains that process.

Fields Requiring Mapping

In M3, navigate to the Company ⇒ Employees ⇒ Settings to select additional fields to sync between the two systems and, in some cases, define your custom mapping.

The Employee Settings button in M3
The following TWP fields can be mapped to any of the M3 fields listed on the right.
TWP M3 M3 cont.
Desigation Address1 Address2
Title Autopay Birth Date
Home1, 2, 3 Citizenship City
Card Number 1, 2, 3 County Country
Schedule (simple Employee
Setup field schedule,
i.e. "8:30-5:00pm")
Disability Desc Email
  Emp Type Ethnicity
  Home Phone Mail Stop
  Marital Status Memo
  Nickname Pay Group
  Prior Last Name Salutation
  State Zip
  Title Veteran Desc
  Union Code User 1-8
  Work Phone WCC
In addition to the above, mostly demographic fields, you can enable and map the following organizational data in the following manner.
Department Department
Supervisor Supervisor
Location CC1 through CC5
Default Pay Rate (Pay Rate 0)* Base
Pay Rate 1 Rate 1
Pay Rate 2 Rate 2
Pay Rate 3 Rate 3

*In order to sync pay rates between the two systems, the PayRates rule must be enabled in TimeWorksPlus.

Adding and Updating Employee Information Through the Sync

Update Employee Data
At any time, you can manually update employee data through M3 by following the click-path Company ⇒ Employees ⇒Sync Columns.
Any differences between the two systems will be listed and you will have the choice to update either system. You will also have the option to do this per employee or for all employees.

Syncing employee data in M3
Add an Existing M3 Employee to TWP
For employees that already exist in M3 but are not yet in SwipeClock, it is possible to manually sync them to TimeWorksPlus. In M3, choose the employee and click the Information tab. If the employee isn't in SwipeClock, a message will appear at the bottom of the screen and offer a link to add the employee.
Add New Employee to Both M3 and TWP
When adding a new hire in M3, there is a checkbox in the SwipeClock section of the Add New Employee screen. In addition to that, you can also designate whether they can use the WebClock and give them a password. If left blank, the password will be the employee's first initial, last initial and last 6 of their SSN.

Adding a new hire to SwipeClock through M3
Add an Existing TWP Employee to M3
As mentioned earlier, it is possible to sync employee data both directions with the integration. This is also done in M3, not in SwipeClock.
If you go to the Company ⇒ Employees section of M3, any missing employee will be indicated with a button saying "Add to M3". Click that button and the employee will populate in Millennium.
Edit TWP Data in M3
The SwipeClock Employee Info section in M3 does allow you to change data specifically in TimeWorksPlus. Just make the changes and click Save.

Time File Import

Once time cards have been checked and finalized, they can be imported into M3 using the Payroll Entry screen.

The TimeClock Import in M3
Click the Import link in the Timeclock Imports section of the batches area.
The pay period dates for the import file are pulled from the current calendar check date. The dates may be overridden using the fields at the bottom of the screen.

Accrual Sync

For full documentation on the accrual sync, please reference the instructions provided by Baker Technology Consulting. Full documentation is attached below.


M3_To_SwipeClock_Interface_User_Guide.pdf M3_To_SwipeClock_Interface_User_Guide.pdf

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