Changes to the Finalization Process

During early to mid February in 2018, SwipeClock will begin automating the time card finalization process. It can still be done manually by you or your client, but by automating this process, we can provide better system performance and data integrity for your timekeeping client.

How Auto Finalization Works

TimeWorksPlus will now force finalize any pay period older than two prior pay periods.

This auto-finalization will occur overnight, every 24 hours between the times of 6pm and 6am Mountain.

There is no way to define the exact time of auto-finalization. but it would be during this 12 hour window.
This means the
  • current pay period
  • prior pay period
  • and the pay period before that
will remain unfinalized unless your client chooses to finalize them sooner.

You and your client will still have the option to UN-finalize when necessary. 

How to Unfinalize

Even with auto finalization, you can still unfinalize a pay period if changes are necessary. The system will let you, as a partner, un-finalize up to 1 year of pay periods so you can make time card edits, accrual changes or scripting modifications.
Once you are finished with your changes, you can choose to either finalize the pay periods again manually or, if left unfinalized, then 24 to 72 hours after unfinalizing, the system will re-finalize the pay periods.


Auto Finalization has been applied to all TimeWorksPlus accounts, so all clients should be experiencing this now.

Resources for Clients

An article explaining this has been added to the TimeWorksPlus Help page, but you can also share this direct link with your clients.

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