New Time Off Request Interface

UPDATED 1/23/2018: This feature is technically out of beta and available to all users. At a date yet to be determined, all accounts using Time Off Requests will be switched to the new UI. In the meantime, you have the option to enable this functionality for your client yourself.
  1. Login with your Accountant Login and select your client.
  2. From the Settings Menu, choose Processing Rules ⇒ Processing (category) ⇒ ESSRule.
  3. Check the Request Time Off (Beta) option. Leave the Time Off and Accruals legacy checked as well.
  4. Click Save
An article on this feature's use is already published and available in our End-User Help section titled Requesting Time Off.

New time Off Request module
This change, in concert with the forthcoming unified WebClock / Employee Login Page, is all part of employee experience improvements in TimeWorksPlus. A video previewing how to request time off with the new module can be shared with your clients.

Beta Enablement

If you would like to enable this new Time Off Request module for individual clients in advance of the release, please see the instructions at the top of the page

This article will be updated when a date for release is determined.
IMPORTANT: Enabling the BETA will disable the existing time off request feature.

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