Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Integration

SwipeClock's TimeWorksPlus now integrates with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS and provides the following functionality:
  • Employee data sync from Accounting CS to TimeWorksPlus
  • Timekeeping import from TimeWorksPlus to Accounting CS
This integration provides the benefits of eliminating duplicate data entry for shared employee information as well as streamlining the timecard import process down to a few mouse clicks.
This article explains the steps in TimeWorksPlus that facilitate this integration. Additional info can also be found at SwipeClock integration overview.

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Firm Setup / Accountant API Info

Before implementing the integration for your client, you will need to setup the integration at your Firm level. This is done in Accounting CS through the Firm / Preferences tab, but you will need the following from TimeWorksPlus:
  • Accountant ID
  • Accountant Secret
These are both found through Accountant Level Secret Management in TimeWorksPlus. Locate it by accessing the Accountant Menu and looking under the Accountant Administrative Tools section.
Once you click the link on the Accountant Menu, you will see both your Accountant ID and API Secret.
If the SwipeClock API Secret box has a long string of characters, click the Copy button so you can easily paste the secret into Accounting CS.

If the SwipeClock API Secret box is blank, click Generate and then Copy so you can create the secret and easily paste the secret into Accounting CS.
IMPORTANT: If the API secret is already present, do not click Regenerate, it may break any existing integrations you have running.
Once you have both the Accountant ID and Secret, return to Accounting CS and complete the Firm setup by entering the items in SwipeClock Partner Login Credentials.

Client Setup

After completing the Firm setup, you can setup your client's individual account with the SwipeClock Site Code.

To get the site code in TimeWorkPlus, go to the Client List (found in the left navigational menu) and the number will be found under Site Code.
This number will need to be entered in Accounting CS under the Payroll Information tab of Client Setup. There is a SwipeClock checkbox on that page which enables the integration. Then, use the ellipses button to the right of that checkbox to add the site ID and File Format Name.

File Format

When you perform your client setup in Accounting CS, you will need to designate the File Format Name.
Existing TimeWorksPlus users would enter the same File Format they use when generating the Download Activity File for payroll.
There are multiple File Formats that work with Accounting CS, but the most commonly used format is csxml2.
If that format does not work correctly, or you are unsure of your format, please contact SwipeClock Support.

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