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UPDATE (Oct. 17, 2018) - This article only applies to our legacy mobile app: TimeWorksPlus Mobile. A new mobile app for employees is coming. Check out Switching Your Clients to Our New Mobile App - TimeWorksPlus Employee for more information.


The employee view of the mobile app
TimeWorksPlus Mobile provides employees and supervisors some of the key functionality of TimeWorksPlus in a mobile application. The app can be enabled with a few quick steps in TimeWorksPlus and downloaded from the Google Play and the Apple iTunes stores.
The app also has the ability to collect GPS data with the punch. More on that feature can be found in the article Pinpoint GPS.
The mobile app only works with TimeWorksPlus accounts.

This article contains:

Mobile App Features

With the TimeWorksPlus Mobile app, users get the following functionality. Some features are dependent on setup and use in the web application.
Employees Can Supervisors Can
View their time card View time cards
Check their schedule See who is currently clocked in
View Employee Bulletins  
Check their accrual balances*  
The following features are dependent on functionality enabled in the web app
Clock in and out Clock employees' in and out**
Approve their time card Approve time cards
Request time off Edit existing time card data
Add time card notes View and approve time off requests
  View GPS data (if enabled)
*Even if accruals aren't being tracked in timekeeping, the employee will still see the option to check their balance, but the balance will be 0.

**This feature can be used by a supervisor even if their employees do not have access to the mobile app themselves.


Before a client can start using the app, you will need to enable the mobile app for the account:
  1. Login to TimeWorksPlus with your Accountant login.
  2. Select your client's account from your client list.
  3. Click Client Configuration under the Settings for the Currently Selected Client section.
  4. Choose the Mobile tab.

Moblie App functionality is enabled in the Client Configuration
  1. Enable any combination of these three features:
    1. Enable mobile application makes the app active for employees and supervisors. Anyone can download the app without this option enabled, but the account won't be linked to the mobile app unless this box is checked.
    2. Allow mobile punches means the app can be used for clocking in and out. However, employees must also have Mobile Punch Enabled in Employee Setup.
    3. Enable Pinpoint GPS turns on GPS tracking for punches made with the app. This is dependent on the employee using location services on their phone.
  2. Click Save.
The account is now ready to work with TimeWorksPlus Mobile.

Downloading the App

Employees and supervisors can download the app for Android and iPhone by searching TimeWorksPlus Mobile.
The mobile app can be found in the
iTunes store as well as Google Play

Logging into the App

The initial login page for the mobile app
Employees and supervisors must use their WebClock/ESS credentials to login to the mobile app. If the employee has yet to reset their initial password, the mobile app will prompt them to change their password the first time they login.
Employees who haven't
reset their password can
do so in the mobile app

Note for Supervisors

Supervisors need to login to the mobile app with their employee credentials first, then, once logged in, they can tap the 3-bar menu at the top left corner and select Supervisor Portal.

Supervisor Portal access
This is where they login with their supervisor credentials.

Employee Mobile App Settings

Mobile app usage and permissions can be set per employee. In Employee Setup, there are three fields under the Identity section relating to the mobile app:

These 3 fields are visible when mobile is enabled for an account
  • Mobile Punch Enabled means employees with access to the mobile app can clock themselves in and out. It also means their supervisor can clock them in and out using the mobile app.
  • Mobile Enabled means the employee has access to the mobile app.
    • If Mobile Punch is enabled, the employee will be able to use the mobile app as their time clock.
    • If Mobile Punch is disabled, the employee will only have access to the ESS features of the mobile app.
  • Add GPS will track the geo-data of the punch, provided the employee has location services enabled on their phone.

Using the Mobile App

Once an employee logs into the mobile app, they will have access to the same features they have in the ESS, including:
  • View Employee Bulletins
  • View time card
  • Approve time card
  • Check schedule
  • Request time off
  • Check accrual balances
  • Add time card notes
The ability to use some of these features is dependent on settings in the account. For example, if "Time Card Approvals" is not setup in the web app, then it won't be available in the mobile app.

Employee Instructions

A PDF version of these instructions can be provided to your client for employee training.

Clocking In and Out

The ability to clock in and out on the mobile app will be visible as soon as the app is launched. There are two buttons used to create a punch:

Employees must select the punch type before tapping submit
  1. Clock In/Clock Out toggle button is used to select the type of punch.
  2. Submit is used to make the punch.
If the button displays Clock In, when the employee clicks Submit, an IN punch will be recorded.
If the button displays Clock Out, when the employee clicks Submit, an OUT punch will be recorded.
If clock prompts are being used on the account, the employee will be asked to answer those as well. Once finished, a confirmation message will be displayed.

Confirmation of a recorded punch

My Time Card

Time card view in the mobile app
Viewing the time card is done by clicking the My Time Card button on the mobile app. It displays the current pay period by default, but an employee can use buttons at the top of the screen to navigate backward and forward to other pay periods.
Clicking the date on the time card opens a page with punch details on the selected day.

Approving the Time Card

This can be done in two ways on the mobile app:
  • In a batch fashion by using the checkboxes to the left of the date column and clicking the Approve button.
  • With a single day approval by tapping the date and using the Approve button on the punch detail page.

Making Time Card Notes

Employees can enter notes through the mobile app
If employees have the ability to make time card notes through the ESS Processing Rule, they also have the ability to make notes in the mobile app. To do this, they would tap on the date on the time card, enter their note and click "Save Note".

Other Employee Mobile App Features

Announcements displays any Employee Notifications made by the supervisor in the web application. A supervisor cannot create announcements in the mobile app.
Current Hours Worked summarizes the total hours for the pay period. It breaks the hours down by Regular, Overtime and Other. Other includes Vacation, Sick, etc.
Time Off Balance displays, in hours, any accrued time as of the current date.

Mobile App Web Emulator

This web based version of the mobile
app can be useful for demos
A virtual version of the mobile app can be found here to try out. Please be aware that this version of the app works against production so will affect employee time cards if used on an active client for testing.  



MobileApp_EmpInstructions.pdf MobileApp_EmpInstructions.pdf

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