Late/No Show Notifications

Users of SwipeClock's Workforce Management Suite (TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity) can now take advantage of our new Late/No Show Notification. It also requires TimeWorksTouch or Intelligent Clock. This feature compares the time card and schedule, monitoring for late employees, and then notifies the supervisor when an employee fails to show for a scheduled shift.
This article explains the user's experience and benefits, as well as the steps for enabling this functionality.

A video on this feature can also be found at VIDEO: Late/No Show Notifications.

What Does the "No Show" Notice Do?

Email Notice to a manager that
their employee is late
  1. Using the Integrated Scheduling rule in TimeWorksPlus, a threshold is set for when employees are technically late.
  2. Schedules created in TimeSimplicity post to TimeWorksPlus and serve as a reference for the time card.
  3. If an IN punch doesn't occur within the threshold, the manager receives a text and/or email notification that the employee is late. It is possible to exclude certain scheduled employees from this notification.
  4. The notification will include the employee's phone number, as well as a link to the Workgroup's schedule.
Not only does this feature provide real time gap coverage and labor insight, but it also provides managers a way to take action on a "no show" employee by including the phone and link to the schedule right in the notification.

Requirements for this Feature

  • TimeWorksPlus/TimeSimplicity Integration
    If your client isn't using TimeSimplicity, contact your Channel Development Manager for information on how to get TimeSimplicity.
  • Manager Email/Phone Information
    The notifications are sent to the contact information listed in Login Maintenance for TimeWorksPlus. If that information is accurate, the feature should work. If not, update the information in TimeWorksPlus and then run the integration to update the data in TimeSimplicity.

    Email and phone must be entered in Login Maintenance for the notification to work
  • Manage/Schedule Workgroups
    Managers will only receive notifications for the employees included in their TimeSimplicity Workgroups.

    The Manager tab in TimeSimplicity determines a manager's employees for the Late Notification

Enabling "No Show" Notifications

With the prior requirements in place, you can enable and configure the notifications with these steps:
  1. In TimeWorksPlus, select Settings Menu > Processing Rules > Scheduling (category) > Integrated Scheduling.

    The Integrated Scheduling rule is found in the Scheduling category of Processing Rules
  2. Locate the Late In threshold and set it do the desired number of minutes. The value in this setting already determines when a Late In deviation is reported on the time card. Now, it will also determine when to send the Late/No Show notification.

    Setting the Late threshold in
    the Integrated Scheduling rule
  3. If you have made changes, click Save.
With this setting enabled, the notifications options in TimeSimplicity will include Late in for Scheduled Shift.

Setting the Late In creates a new notification option for managers

These instructions explain how to access the Manager Notifications tab:

  1. Access TimeSimplicity from TimeWorksPlus through Scheduling > Launch TimeSimplicity.
  2. Click Employee > Employee to open up a list of the employees and managers.
  3. Locate the manager/supervisors record by finding the name with "-SUPER" appended to the end and click their name.

    Select the correct user by looking for "-SUPER"
  4. Choose the Notifications tab. The Manager Notifications will be listed in their own section at the bottom.

  5. Choosing the message options
    for the notification
    Click the link titled Late in for Scheduled Shift and select the messaging options.
  6. Click Save
Once the notification is enabled, a manager will start receiving real-time alerts whenever an employee is late.

Text notifications for late employees

Posting Schedules

Posting schedules from TimeSimplitiy to TimeWorksPlus is required in order for the time card to be compared to the schedule. Without a posted schedule, a notification won't be generated. Posting happens automatically when you publish a schedule or when you make a change to a Published schedule.

This can also be done via an automated interval set during implementation, or run manually through TimeSimplicity.

Posting schedules to TimeWorkPlus is done from within TimeSimplicity

Excluding Certain Employees from Late Notifications

If there are employees for which a manager does not want to receive a late notification, they can disable Enforce Schedule in Employee Setup of TimeWorksPlus. This will also disable Clock Lockout for that employee.

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