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Browser Updates and TLS 1.2 Compliance

SwipeClock users will see warnings to update their browser in mid-September of 2017. As a rule, employees, clients and partners should always use the latest version of their chosen browser to avoid compatibility issues with our software. The above message will appear if you try to access the system using an outdated browser.

Starting November 1, 2017, SwipeClock will not work with any browser using a security protocol below TLS 1.2, a protocol designed to ensure the security of communications over a computer network. We will also no longer support certain browsers regardless of their TLS compliance. SwipeClock will still work on the latest version of the commonly used browsers listed below.

How To Avoid a Disruption

To avoid a disruption in your timekeeping process, make sure that you install the latest version of your browser.
These commonly used browsers (listed below) should be running, at minimum, the listed version. Click on the name of each browser for detailed instructions on how to update to the latest version.

A more detailed list of browser compatibility can be downloaded here
Browser Min. Version Browser Update Click-Path
Google Chrome 30.0+ 3 Dot > Help > About
Firefox 27.0+ 3 Bar > ? Button > About
Internet Explorer 11+ Gear > About
Edge any version 3 Dot > Settings > About
Safari 7.0 About

For reference, click-paths to check versioning are included, but be aware that the exact route to find a browser's version can vary.


TLS_1.2_-_SwipeClock_Browser_Support.xlsx TLS_1.2_-_SwipeClock_Browser_Support.xlsx

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