CyberPay Integration

CyberPay Online Phoenix (CPO Phoenix) integrates with TimeWorks and TimeWorksPlus, allowing your client and their employees to access timekeeping through a single sign-on.
The integration supports the following:
  • Employee Sync – Employee records that are added to, or edited in, CPO Phoenix, will be updated in SwipeClock within moments.
  • Time Card Import – Import time cards to CPO with just a few mouse-clicks.
  • Single Sign-on – With the Time Keeping application in CPO Phoenix, users can  review and edit timecards without a second login.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) – CPO’s ESS portal also offers SSO to SwipeClock’s employee portal.  A web clock can optionally be placed on the ESS landing page, allowing employees to clock in/out directly after logging in.


Topical Index

Bureau-level Integration Setup

A one-time setup between your CPO Bureau account and SwipeClock needs to be performed before integrating any clients. Start by contacting CyberPay Client Care for enablement of the integration and information on how to link your CPO Phoenix Bureau account with SwipeClock.
Once the integration is enabled by CyberPay, contact your SwipeClock Channel Development Manager and request they create an Accountant Login for the sole purpose of the integration.  The login and password for this user will be entered in CPO later.  No actual user will ever use these credentials—it simply facilitates the connection between the two systems.
Once your SwipeClock Accountant-level credentials are created, you can continue with the integration process in CPO. To create a New Time Keeping Account (bureau level) in CPO Phoenix:
  1. In CPO, select Time Keeping under the Applications dropdown.
  1. Choose the Accounts tab and click the New Time Keeping Account button.
  1. Configure the account as follows:
    1. Check the Is Bureau Account option.
    2. Skip the Company field.
    3. Enter the SwipeClock Accountant Username and Password that you created for the integration.
    4. Populate the Users field with the CPO bureau user accounts that you wish to access SwipeClock.
    5. The Use Bureau Account should not be checked.
  1. Click Save
 These bureau users will now be able to access SwipeClock by selecting the Time Keeping App.

Client-level Integration Setup

After integrating your CPO Phoenix Bureau Account with SwipeClock, you can link your CPO client accounts to existing SwipeClock accounts (both TimeWorks and TimeWorksPlus).  You will also need to complete an integration setup for each company in CPO.

Time Keeping Setup

For each SwipeClock Client, you will need: 
  • A TimeWorksPlus (or TimeWorks) Client-level login that facilitates the integration. It is recommended that you used a dedicated login for the integration, not an actual user's credentials.
  • The client's SwipeClock Site Code. See Finding Your Client's Site ID for help on how to find the client's site code.
The integration setup for your client continues in CPO Phoenix:
  1. Use the Applications dropdown to select Time Keeping.

  2. Select the Accounts tab, click the New Timekeeping Account button, and configure as follows:

    1. Is Bureau Account should not be checked.
    2. Select the Company (client) from the dropdown.

    3. Enter the Client Level Login for the Username.
    4. The Password should be left blank.
    5. Add the CPO client user accounts that you want to access SwipeClock.
    6. Check the Use Bureau Account option.
  3. Click Save

Company Setup

Each company will also need integration enabled in the Company tab of CPO. 
  1. Return to the Applications dropdown at the top left of the page and select CyberPayroll.
  2. Select the Company tab and choose the Company.
  3. Click the Integrations tab and find the section titled Time Keeping Integration.
  4. Click the Enable Time Keeping Integration button and sign the "Terms of Use" agreement.
  5. Enter the SwipeClock Site Code and configure the rest of the setup accordingly.  For detail on these options contact CyberPay, Inc.
    1. Set the Unique Time Keeping Field in CPO to Employee ID.
    2. Set the Send Employee ID As to Employee Code.
    3. Set the Send Time Clock ID As to None.
    4. Check both Sync Employees options. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the Sync Employees button.
    1. The page that opens shows matches between CPO and SwipeClock employees.  Review and/or edit these as needed.
    2. Click the Sync and Export button to link employees in both CP and SwipeClock and/or to add new employees to SwipeClock.

Employee Data Mapping

The following data can pass to SwipeClock via the integration. Changes made in SwipeClock will not pass back into CPO Phoenix.
CPO SwipeClock
Employee ID Employee Code
TimeClock ID* Logins/Numbers
First, Middle, and Last Names First, Middle, and Last Names
Name Suffix* Designation
Location Location
Department Department
Job Classification* Employee Type
Home Phone Phone Number
Email Address* E-mail
Default Pay Rate* Default Pay Rate
Supervisor* Supervisor
Hire/Rehire Date* Start Date
Termination Date* Separation Date
Pay Rates* Pay Rates (1-9)
SSN* Social Security Number
*Optional Fields.  Contact CyberPay, Inc. for detail.

Time Card Import

Timekeeping data can be imported from SwipeClock through the Payroll tab in CPO Phoenix.

SwipeClock Payroll Setup

Before performing the initial import, Pay Code Translation and Labor Mapping need to be set up in SwipeClock. Pay Code Translation is where Punch Categories in SwipeClock are mapped to pay types in CPO.  Note: It is recommended that you enter CPO Pay Type External IDs into the pay code translation.
Labor Mapping is necessary if clock prompt data, like job codes or tips, is being collected in SwipeClock and imported into CPO. Labor Mapping is done in SwipeClock through the File Format Maintenance rule. You will need to enter "adaptasofta" as the selected File Format.

Pay rates in SwipeClock override rates in CPO Phoenix, so it is suggested to not track pay rates in SwipeClock. However, if you are tracking pay rates in SwipeClock and want to exclude pay rates from the export, you can use the Exclude Pay Rates Option.

Running the Timekeeping Import 

  1. Click the Import Time step on the Payroll tab.
  2. Verify the date range you are importing.
  3. If you have existing payroll data in CyberPay that you want to preserve, make sure Delete Data is unchecked.
  4. Choose Online Timekeeping as the Import Format.
  5. Select Employee ID as the Unique Employee Field.
  6. Timekeeping Version will be either TimeWorks or TimeWorksPlus depending on which version the company is using.
  7. Click Import.

Employee Portal Access

Employees can access their SwipeClock timekeeping portal through CPO Phoenix's Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal by clicking on the Time Keeping.
The ESS portal can also be configured to include a web clock on the landing page shown in image below.

*Accruals, time off requests and time card approvals are only available in TimeWorksPlus.

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