Adaptasoft Integration

Adaptasoft's CyberPay Online Phoenix (CPO Phoenix) integrates with TimeWorks and TimeWorksPlus, allowing your client and their employees to access timekeeping through a single sign-on. The integration supports:
  • Employee Sync – When an employee is added to CPO Phoenix, they'll be setup in timekeeping within moments.
  • Timecard Import – Once the pay period ends, timecards can be imported to CPO with just a few mouse-clicks.
  • Single Sign On – The Timekeeping tab in CPO Phoenix provides users access to review and edit timecards without a second login.

This article covers

Integration Setup – Bureau Level

A one-time setup between your CPO Bureau account and SwipeClock needs to be performed before integrating any clients. Start by contacting Adaptasoft Client Care for enablement of the integration. Once that is completed, you can use your SwipeClock Accountant Level login and password to link the two systems together.

The Applications dropdown in CPO
provides access to SwipeClock

In CyberPay Online Phoenix:

Creating the Bureau account integrations starts
by adding a new Timekeeping account
  1. Use the Applications dropdown to select Timekeeping.
  2. Select the Accounts tab and click New Timekeeping Account.
  3. Configure as follows:
    1. Is Bureau Account should be checked.
    2. The Company field is left blank.
    3. Enter the SwipeClock Accountant login credentials in the Username and Password fields.
    4. The Users field will populate with your various bureau user accounts. You can add or remove users in this field, determining who can access your SwipeClock clients through CPO Phoenix.
    5. Use Bureau Account should be unchecked.
  4. Click Save
You will now be able to access TimeWorksPlus from the Timekeeping tab in CPO Phoenix.

Integration Setup – Client Level

After integrating your CPO Phoenix Bureau Account with SwipeClock, you can proceed to linking your client accounts to existing SwipeClock accounts (both TimeWorks and TimeWorksPlus) through the integration.

The SC Client ID can be found in your Client List
For each integrated account, you will need
  • A TimeWorksPlus Client Level login that facilitates the integration.
  • The SwipeClock Site Code which can be found through your Client List.
The integration is done in CPO Phoenix and requires configuration in the Timekeeping / Accounts tab and the Company / Integrations tab.

Timekeeping Setup

  1. Use the Applications dropdown to select Timekeeping.

    Select Time Keeping Application
    to integrate an account
  2. Select the Accounts tab, click New Timekeeping Account

    Click New Timekeeping to integrate a client account
    and configure as follows:
    1. Is Bureau Account should be unchecked.
    2. Select the account from the Company dropdown.

      Selecting a company for integration with SC
    3. Enter the Client Level Login for the Username. Password can be left blank.
    4. The Users field will populate with all client users that can access SwipeClock through the Timekeeping tab. You can add or remove users from this field to determine who can access timekeeping through CPO Phoenix.
    5. Use Bureau Account should be checked.
  3. Click Save

Choose CPO to continue integration

Company Setup

  1. Return to the Applications dropdown at the top left of the page and select CyberPay Online.
  2. Select the Company tab and choose the Company.
  3. Click the Integrations tab and you will see a section titled Time Keeping Integration. Click Enable Time Keeping Integration and sign the "Terms of Use" agreement.
  4. Enter the SwipeClock Site Code.

    Finishing the timekeeping integration for the company
  5. The fields pictured above relate to how employee information is matched between the two. The suggested configuration will be underlined in the following explanation.
    • Unique Timekeeping Field in CPO determines how time cards from SwipeClock are matched to employees in CPO Phoenix. When the timekeeping is imported, it can match on either the Employee ID, SSN or Time Clock ID field in CPO Phoenix. Choosing Employee ID means the unique field in SwipeClock (ususally Employee Code) will be matched to Employee ID in CPO.
    • Send Employee ID As exports the CPO Employee ID to one of three fields in SwipeClock's Employee Setup. When set to Employee Code, it will export the Employee ID in CPO to the Employee Code field in SwipeClock.
    • Send Timeclock ID As, when set to Card #1, exports the Timeclock ID in CPO to SwipeClock as the first login/card number in Employee Setup. If the employee already has a card number, the Timeclock ID will populate as an additional card number. If you prefer to designate logins and card numbers in SwipeClock directly, you can set this to None.

      Logins are used for clock and card numbers in SC
    • Include SSN should be unchecked as Social Security Number is disabled in TimeWorksPlus be default. It can be activated through the SSN Utility.
    • Include Payrate, when checked, sends the default pay rate to SwipeClock. NOTE: In order for pay rates to be used in TimeWorksPlus, the PayRates Rule needs to be enabled in the Processing Rules.
    • Include Supervisor should only be checked if you have not configured Supervisors specifically in TimeWorksPlus.
    • Include Start/End dates populate the Start and End dates in TWP.
    • Sync Employees should be checked if you want employee additions and changes to automatically be pushed to SwipeClock.
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Validate Setup as a one-time check of the integration.
  8. Click Export Employees to create the link between the two systems and pass the existing employees from CPO to TWP. If employees are already setup in TimeWorksPlus, you still need to click this button as it will establish the link and update any employee data.
CPO SwipeClock
Location Location
Department Department
Home Phone Phone Number
Email Address Email Address
Default Pay Rate Default Pay Rate
Supervisor Supervisor
Hire/Rehire Date* Start Date
Termination Date End Date

Employee Data Mapping

In addition to Employee ID, TimeClock ID and First, Middle and Last Name, the following data will pass to SwipeClock via the integration. Changes made in SwipeClock will not pass back into CPO Phoenix.
*If using a rehire date in CPO, it will overwrite the Start Date in TWP.

Timekeeping Import

Timekeeping data can be imported from SwipeClock through the Payroll tab in CPO Phoenix.

The Payroll tab is where
time card data is imported

Initial Setup

Before performing the initial import, Pay Code Translation and Labor Mapping need to be setup in SwipeClock. Pay Code Translation is where Punch Categories in SwipeClock are mapped to earning codes in CPO.
Labor Mapping is necessary if clock prompt data, like job codes or tips, is being collected in timekeeping and included in the export. Labor Mapping is done in SwipeClock through the File Format Maintenance rule. You will need to enter "adaptasofta" as the selected File Format.

Labor Mapping in SC is done in File Format Maintenance
Pay rates in SwipeClock override rates in CPO Phoenix, so it is suggested to not track pay rates in SwipeClock. However, if you are tracking pay rates in SwipeClock and want to exclude pay rates from the export, you can use the Exclude Pay Rates Option.

Performing Import

Import module in CPO
  1. Click Import Time from the Payroll tab.
  2. Verify the date range you are importing.
  3. If you have existing payroll data in CyberPay that you want to preserve, make sure Delete Data is unchecked.
  4. Choose Online Timekeeping as the Import Format.
  5. TimeWorksPlus exports the Employee Code as the unique identifier, so if that code in TWP matches the Employee ID in CPO, set it to Employee ID.
  6. Timekeeping Version will be either TimeWorks or TimeWorksPlus depending on which version your client is using.
  7. Click Import.

Employee Portal Access

Employees can access their SwipeClock timekeeping portal through CPO Phoenix's Employee Self Service Portal. When they log in, they can select the Time Keeping and view their time card, schedule, accrual balances or, request time off.* 

The Time Keeping tab in CPO's Employee Portal

The SC Employee Self Service Portal
*Accruals, time off requests and time card approvals are only available in TimeWorksPlus.

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