Preventing "Early INs" with Clock Lockout

TimeWorksPlus offers an easy path to schedule compliance with our Intelligent Clock functionality. By using Clock Lockout, employees are prevented from clocking in earlier than their scheduled start time, lowering your client's labor costs.
Clock Lockout works with both TimeSimplicity and TimeWorksPlus Basic Scheduling. If your WebClock or TimeWorksTouch clients are not taking advantage of these scheduling tools, this article will quickly explain how you can implement Clock Lockout.

Setting Up Clock Lockout

Basic Scheduling is enabled in the Processing Rules
  1. Enable Scheduling
    TimeWorksPlus Basic Scheduling can be enabled with a few mouse clicks. TimeWorksPlus scheduling provides Clock Lockout, but TimeSimplicity offers additional Schedule Compliance features as well.
    1. In TimeWorksPlus, click Settings Menu > Processing Rules
    2. Choose the Scheduling category
    3. At the bottom of the page, under Search Results, select Scheduling and click Save on the resulting page.
  2. Enable WebClock 3.0
    Our latest version of WebClock makes Clock Lockout possible on both WebClock and TimeWorksTouch.
    1. In the Settings Menu of TimeWorksPlus, select Client Configuration
    2. Choose the Account Configuration tab
    3. Toggle on WebClock 3.0
  3. Create Employee Schedules
    Your client can click the Scheduling link under the Main Menu to create schedules.

    Scheduling is accessed through the Main Menu
  4. Enable Clock Lockout
    Once schedules are created, Clock Lockout is ready to activate. Not only will employees be restricted from clocking in early, but they'll also be locked out if they aren't scheduled at all.
    1. Click Settings Menu > Client Configuration
    2. Choose the Clock Management tab
    3. Enable Restrict employees from Clocking In
    4. Set the allowable early threshold from 0 to 120 minutes
  5. Allow Employee Exceptions

    Creating employee exceptions in Employee Setup
    If your client has certain employees they want to exempt from Clock Lockout, Enforce Schedule can be turned off for individuals in Employee Setup.

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