WebClock 3.0

WebClock 3.0 is the latest generation of WebClock that will soon be the standard for both TimeWorks and TimeWorksPlus users. This article explains how you, as a partner, can enable WebClock 3.0 in advanced of our conversion (occurring in early 2018) as well as how custom branding and white labeling are handled by WebClock 3.0.

What is WebClock 3.0?

WebClock 3.0 provides the same functionality as WebClock 2.0 but with a different user experience. WebClock 3.0 is also necessary for clients wishing to use Intelligent Clock functionality on the WebClock or TimeWorksTouch.

You do not have to upgrade your client to WebClock 3.0, but starting the week of Feb. 12, 2018, we will start redirecting all WebClock users and any employee using the Employee Self Service, to this new version.

Enabling WebClock 3.0 in Advance of Conversion 

This section explains how you, as a SwipeClock partner, can prepare your client for WebClock 3.0. It also covers changes that the employee will experience during, and after, the transition.

1 - Provide the client with the new WebClock URL

Your client needs to notify their employees that once the new WebClock (WebClock 3.0) is enabled, they will use a different URL* for clocking in and out.

Custom Branding
The generic URL for WebClock 3.0 is https://clock.payrollservers.us/#/clock/web/login, but if you currently have a branded theme for your WebClock, use the subdomain from that URL in the following manner:
WebClock 2.0 URL https://alturaspayroll.payrollservers.us/WebClock/
WebClock 3.0 URL https://clock.payrollservers.us/?wl=alturaspayroll.payrollservers.us
See the section below titled White Labeling and Custom Colors for more details.

2 – Enable WebClock 3.0

Login to SwipeClock and choose your client from your client list.
  1. Click the Client Configuration option under the Settings Menu
  2. Choose the Account Configuration tab
  3. Toggle WebClock 3.0 to on
WebClock 3.0 is enabled in Client Configuration
If you would like to transition all your clients to WebClock 3.0 at once, please contact your Channel Development Manager.

*If the Employee Uses the Old WebClock

Employees should still be able to clock in and out on WebClock 2.0. Once WebClock 3.0 is enabled, if an employee enters their credentials on WebClock 2.0, they will get a notice that they are using a different version of WebClock. They will be asked to refresh the web page and they will be redirected to the new WebClock.
Once the browser has redirected the employee, a cookie will be placed on the browser and future attempts to login to WebClock 2.0 will automatically be re-directed to WebClock 3.0. If a client's firewall restricts cookies, the employee may not be redirected however, so it is best to eventually replace all old links with WebClock 3.0 links.

White Labeling and Custom Colors

Our new WebClock does allow for branding with your own logo as well as changing the background color. 

Requesting Custom Branding

You can request branding through our Partner Marketing page: https://partner.swipeclock.info
  1. Choose Marketing Collateral from the Marketing menu.
  2. Click on Web Page.
  3. Choose from either Branded Login Screen (for client and supervisor users) or Branded Self Service Portal for WebClock and ESS.
You can then add those items to your cart and our Marketing team will assist in creating your branded portal.

Branded WebClock Appearance

If you are already using our custom branding, this is how it will affect the WebClock/ESS portal:
  • At the bottom of the login module, it will say "Powered By SwipeClock"
  • The URL follows this pattern:
  • The background color of the page is customizable through the Custom Branding section of the Accountant Menu.

Changing the Background Color of the WebClock Page

These instructions explain how you can choose a color that matches your company's color scheme. However, this will also affect colors in other areas of the system, (it is not isolated to just the WebClock), by applying the color to the background colors on headers throughout the system.

This requires having Custom Branding setup through our Marketing Department.

Please note that not all elements of the WebClock can be customized.
  1. From the Accountant Menu, choose Site Branding and Colors from the Account Administrative Tools section.
  2. Locate Custom Color Pallette and click Edit.
  3. For item 2,3,4 Page Headers, enter a Hex color code in the Background box.
  4. Save your changes.

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