Connection Timed Out Error

Start with these basic troubleshooting steps:
  1. Make sure the cables to the clock and the wall outlet are securely plugged.
  2. Verify the internet is working
  3. Make sure the outlet/Ethernet port are not bad by moving to a known working connection.
  4. Try a different Ethernet cable.
  5. If there continue to be problems, try to get the error message from the clock display. This can be viewed by unplugging the clock and plugging it back in. About 20 seconds after the clock has booted up, it may display the error on the screen. If no error appears, press 9 to transmit the clock and see if any error is displayed during this process.
Sometimes even if a network is known to use DHCP, a connection can still fail with a "CONNECTION TIMED OUT" error even after standard troubleshooting is done.

Some possible reasons can be found below:
  • DHCP server has run out of available IP addresses to give out. This is where an IP address is reserved per MAC address and stays reserved for a designated period of time (typically 24-72 hours), even if the device is disconnected. If the DHCP server has run out of IP's, it will still serve existing leases to devices that have already been reserved an IP. It just won't serve anything new until something else expires.
  • DHCP server has (for security purposes) a list of MAC addresses it will serve to, and refuses to serve the clock. With this the DHCP server is given a list of acceptable MAC address (an unique ID assigned to a singular device to identify it on a network) and if any device is put on the network with a MAC ID not on the list the DHCP request is refused.
In most cases all of these can generally be troubleshot just by looking in the logs of the device serving DHCP, as in most likely hood the request would have probably been received, but because of the above causes the DHCP device would/could not honor the request.

Another way would be to find out the clocks current IP then go to Start > Run > CMD then in the command window type in: arp -a

This will list all MAC addresses by IP and you would just match the IP to the MAC address.

For troubleshooting of this nature it is HIGHLY recommended that the network administrator or site IT be contacted to assist in troubleshooting the issue.

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