No ENQ From Host Error

This article applies to our Vx series clocks. It does not apply to our analog Tranz330/380 clocks.

This can happen due to Captive Paywalls / Firewalls. If your network requires you to click an "I Agree" button, or pass a screen to access the Internet, it can result in the clock giving a NO ENQ FROM HOST message. There is no problem with the clock, this is a network issue that will need to be addressed by your client's IT department.

This can happen sometimes on hotel networks where the network redirects all connections to a sign-on page to access the internet. The paywall intercepts the first request sent out by a computer (or the clock), and replaces it with an HTTP redirection to the paywall's welcome page. To test this you could use another computer on the connection like a laptop to see if it generates this welcome page when trying to access the internet.

It if does, then in order to use the clock on that network, you will need to ask the internet service provider to create an exception for the clock so it can bypass the captive welcome page. This exception can be based on a static IP, the port numbers used by our clocks (TCP 8288-8289), or the MAC address of the clock.

Our Z-Series clocks typically have MAC addresses of the format 00-17-61-xx-xx-xx, so if you can unblock based on that pattern, you can unblock all the clocks in a single step.

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