TimeWorksTouch FAQ


Q: Can the LCD screen be customized?
A: TimeWorksTouch has device settings like you would find in any typical Android device (brightness, font size, etc.), but the TimeWorksTouch app itself cannot be customized.

Q: Does it use the same proximity cards and key fobs as existing proximity card clocks?
A: Yes, existing prox items that work with our other clocks, like the Z18, are compatible with TimeWorksTouch.

Q: Does the clock support third-party Wiegand cards like the Z18?
A: No, the clock does not support an external card reader.

Q: Does the clock have to be wall mounted?
A: TimeWorksTouch is designed to be wall mounted. However, it will sit upright on a flat surface.

Q: Can anyone register (add) a clock to a site?
A: Only users with an Accountant (Partner) or Client level logins can register the clock. Supervisors cannot register the clock. Additionally, clients can only perform the initial registration. Once a clock is registered, they cannot de-register the clock.

Q: Is it possible to register the clock to a site in advance of giving the clock to the client?
A: In some cases, like if the client will be using Ethernet and both your network and the client's network use DHCP, yes, but it is best to register the clock on site. The problem is that for Wi-Fi and Static IP networks, there will be device settings that must be configured while connected to the site's network. The process for changing these network settings while the clock is in Offline Mode is much more complicated than to just have you, or the client, register the clock on site. 

Q: Does the clock show when the internet connection is lost?
A: No, not at this time, but messaging "Offline Modes" on the clock entry screen is planned for a future release. In the meantime, indication of a lack of an internet connection is displayed by all punch types being presented to the employee. This is because PunchLogic doesn't work in Offline Mode.

Q: Are there plans to have a version of this for mag strip cards?
A: There are no plans for a mag stripe reader on TimeWorksTouch.

Q: Is this just a Wi-Fi clock or does it have an Ethernet hook up as well?
A: It has both Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities.

Q: How long does the backup battery last?
A: The battery will last approximately 4 to 5 hours under normal use and 5-6 hours when idle.

Q: Will the clock retain punches during a power outage? Furthermore, once power is restored will the clock immediately transmit the stored punches?
A: Yes, punches stored on the clock will be transmitted once power is restored.

Q: Is it possible to remotely connect the clock to assist clients in troubleshooting?
A: No, the clock does not provide remote access capabilities.

Q: Can I download TimeWorksTouch and/or Intelligent Clock from the Google Play store?
A: No, TimeWorksTouch is an app that we implement on the device itself. Intelligent Clock is not an app at all. It is actually a set of features that are enabled through TimeWorksPlus.

Clock Usage

Q: How many clock prompts can you have enabled? Is it just one level or can you have multiple?
A: The clock has the same clock prompt capabilities as our WebClock. 

Q: Clock Prompts have dropdowns?
A: Dropdowns can be used for clock prompts on TimeWorksTouch.

Q: What's the implementation flow for clients currently using a Z33/34?
A: The best procedure for transitioning a client would be to add TimeWorksTouch clocks before removing the existing biometric clocks. You will have to do this without enabling Intelligent Clock features. That way employees can continue to use the existing clocks while their prints are being enrolled on the new clocks. Once that is done, and the old clocks are removed, then you can enable Intelligent Clock features. Intelligent Clock features (Punch Logic, Clock Lockout, break tracking) cannot be implemented on sites with non-TimeWorksTouch hardware clocks.

Q: Can the prompt options be restricted per user so that only approved options display on the clock for that employee to choose from?
A: Filtered clock prompts is on the road map for our product, but it is not available on the clock at this time.

Q: Can we turn this on for clients, or does this need to be activated by Swipeclock?
A: It depends. In order to take advantage of Intelligent Clock features (Clock Lockout, Punch Logic), a site must have WebClock 3.0 enabled

Q: Will TimeWorksMobile ever have a similar layout to this, or is it only available on this physical clock?
A: Our Product Management team realizes the importance of unifying the WebClock 3.0/TimeWorksTouch experience on the mobile app, although there is no timeline on that enhancement as of now.

Q: Is there any self-service options on this clock, like the ability to view the time card.
A: Incorporating Employee Self Service to TimeWorksTouch is on our road map, but we are unable to provide a date at this time.

Q: Can this new clock be used in conjunction with other Z series clocks that a client is using?
A: Technically yes, with an important exception. Intelligent Clock features (formerly known as Workforce Management Clock) cannot be implemented on sites with non-TimeWorksTouch physical clocks.

Q: Can WebClock and this new clock be used together?
A: Yes, a site can use both WebClock and TimeWorksTouch.

Q: When making system changes in TimeWorksPlus, does the clock automatically reflect them or do you need to sync them?
A: Changes in the app will be reflected on the clock within moments. There is no sync process necessary to update items like clock prompts or employees. However, an internet connection is required for the clock to check TimeWorksPlus for application changes.

Q: Does the clock support multiple languages?
A: No, the clock does not have multi-language capabilities.

Q: Will the clock show the "Last punch in..." if that punch was manually entered online rather than punched in on the clock?
A: Yes, edits made to the time card will show as the "Last Punch" time, just like an actual punch.

Q: If the employee overrides their time through the "Miss your last punch" option, can their manager be notified?
A: No, there is no notification tied to this option. However, the employee will see their last punch on the clock which should assist them in making the correct choice.


Q: Is there an option to get the clock without biometrics?
A: TimeWorksTouch comes standard with the biometric option, but it can be disabled.

Q: Will prints need to be re-enrolled if the client uses a "loaner" clock?
A: Not if the loaner clocks is a TimeWorksTouch clock. All TimeWorksTouch clocks on a site will share fingerprint information. However, prints enrolled on a TimeWorksTouch clock will not be recognized by a Z33/34 or, a Z18 or Tranz380 using a fingerprint reader.

Q: When enrolling prints, I see an an option to Change Fingerprint Accuracy. What does that do?
A: Changing the fingerprint accuracy results in better matching of smeared or faint prints, but it does come with a cost: increased risk of mismatched punches. This feature was added in May of 2019 and you can read about it in the article Using Fingerprints on TimeWorksTouch.

Q: If the client is already on a different time clock using biometrics, is the best practice to delete those fingerprint templates before adding new templates from TimeWorksTouch?
A: Eventually, yes. If a client is switching from our Z33/34 clocks to TimeWorksTouch, it is technically not necessary to delete the old templates, although it is recommended.

Q: Can an employee be enrolled to punch with a fingerprint and a PIN as a backup, or does it have to be one or the other?
A: If an employee has a PIN in Employee Setup, they can use that in place of their fingerprint. An important distinction should be noted here. Unlike our other biometric clocks, TimeWorksPunch does not require a PIN for print enrollment. If you wish to force an employee to use a print, don't give them a PIN. Those with a PIN will be able to use that PIN in place of a print.

Q: Is the biometric finger reader better than the Z33/34 clocks?
A: While we don't have any statistical basis for answering such a question, TimeWorksTouch does use a a more advanced process for "landmarking" prints. In our internal use of the clock, we have found this process to be more accurate.

Q: How do you compare the quality of print recognition to the GT-400?
A: The GT-400 still provides one of the most effective methods of biometric identification out of all of our clocks. However, TimeWorksTouch provides the benefits of Intelligent Clock functionality, which the GT-400 does not.

Q: Can an employee enroll more than one finger?
A: No, if you try to enroll a second finger for an employee, it will overwrite their original print.

Q: Can you replace the fingerprint prism on the clock?
A: No, just like our Z33/34 clocks, the prism cannot be replaced.


Q: Will Clock Lockout work with the basic scheduling feature?
A: Yes, Clock Lockout works with both TimeSimplicity and TimeWorksPlus Basic Scheduling.

Q: Is Clock Lockout adjustable per employee or department?
A: The threshold for clock lockout (how early we let them clock in) is set per site, however, an employee can be exempted from Clock Lockout through a setting in Employee Setup.

Q: Will Clock Lockout work with Ready, Set, Work?
A: Yes, schedules generated by Ready, Set, Work will be referenced by TimeWorksTouch, but only if they have been posted to the time card.

Q: What happens if the employee has no schedule, can they clock in at any time?
A: It depends. If the employee has no schedule and Enforce Schedule is enabled for that employee, they will not be allowed to clock in. If Enforce Schedule is disabled for that employee, they can clock in.

Q: If an employee tries to clock in early and is told to wait until 12:20 to clock in, will system auto clock them in at 12:20?
A: No, TimeWorksTouch will not generate punches. Only an employee can initiate a punch. If the employee cannot clock in until 12:20, they must wait until 12:20 to clock in.

Q: Does Clock Lockout take rounding rules into account?
A: No, rounding happens after the punch is received. This holds for RoundToSchedule as well. Clock Lockout references the actual punch time to enforce clock lockout, not the time posted on the time card after rounding. We always suggest avoiding rounding punches since the benefit of timekeeping is to pay an employee for exactly what they worked. And now with Clock Lockout, you can keep them from clocking in early.

Q: Can a manager override Clock Lockout at the clock?
A: No, the most practical way for a manager to override clock lockout is with a manual edit, however, they can also edit the schedule or disabe the "Enforce Schedule" toggle in Employee Setup.

Q: Will the audit log show if an employee tried to clock in early but was prevented from clocking in by the clock?
A: No, the audit log only records valid punch activity. When a punch is rejected by clock lockout, there is no record made of that event.

Q: If a client uses TimeWorksPlus and WebClock 3.0, will Clock Lockout only work on the WebClock, or through a Z33/34?
A: WebClock 3.0 allows for Clock Lockout to be enabled, but only through the WebClock or TimeWorksTouch. Sites using a Z33/34 cannot use Clock Lockout.

Manager Use and Notices

Q: If the employee is clocked in late, can TimeWorksTouch text or e-mail the employee, supervisor, and/or client?
A: No, at this time there are no notifications tied to TimeWorksTouch.

Q: Does the clock have the ability to report that an employee is hitting OT?
A: No, the clock does not have the capability to show hours totals.

Q: Can a client or supervisor punch an employee in from TimeWorksTouch instead of editing the time card through the TimeWorksPlus website?
A: No, TimeWorksTouch is designed to collect employee punch data. It is not designed as a time card management tool.

Q: Do managers always have to login using their TimeWorksPlus credentials to enroll prints? Can they have a print enrolled to access the enrollment menu?
A: Managers must use their login and password to enroll prints. They cannot use a fingerprint. TimeWorksTouch validates a user per their role in TimeWorksPlus. 

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