Troubleshooting TimeWorksTouch

Network Connections

When the clock is offline (not connected to the internet), follow these troubleshooting steps:
For Ethernet Connections
  • Verify the cable is connected to the clock and your network port
  • Try a different Ethernet cable to see if the cable is faulty
  • Try connecting a different device to the Ethernet port to see if the port itself has a problem
  • Check with your Network Admin to see if any changes were made that might affect the device. This would most likely be if the network was using DHCP and now requires a static IP (or vice versa). Contact your timekeeping provider for additional assistance*.  
For Wi-Fi Connections
  • Check that your Wi-Fi isn’t down
  • Make sure the clock is in an area where it gets a strong signal. Wi-Fi strength can vary throughout a building and you want to make sure you have a minimum of 3 bars of signal strength on the clock.
  • Check with your Network Admin to see if any were made that might affect the device. This would most likely be if the Wi-Fi network or password was changed. Contact your timekeeping provider for additional assistance*. 
*Timekeeping providers can get instructions on how to reconfigure a clock in Offline Mode with the Support Center article titled Changing Device Settings in Offline Mode.

Punch Logic Isn’t Working

When employees can choose any punch type from the clock entry screen, Punch Logic isn’t working.

When an employee is presented with the option to choose any button,
the clock has likely lost connection with the internet
Punch Logic requires an internet connection. See the Network Connections troubleshooting above.

The Clock Only Shows the Time, No Keypad

The numeric keypad will only show when PIN is an enabled collection method on the clock. If employees use fingerprints or Prox Cards, the keypad is not shown.
To enable PIN entry:
  1. Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner of the clock entry screen
  2. Login with your timekeeping credentials
  3. Select the Clock Settings tab
  4. Toggle the PIN entry on
  5. Tap the X to return to the clock entry screen

Where Do I Set a Trusted PIN?

Please see the article Trusted PINs on TimeWorksTouch.

I Need to Change the Clock Info. How Do I Do That?

Currently, once the clock is registered, the Clock Name, Location Stamp and Notes can only be changed by a user with Accountant level credentials. Contact your timekeeping provider for additional assistance.

The Clock Info tab can be accessed by client level users,
but not changed after registration

To Reset the TimeWorksTouch Clock

To reset/power cycle a TimeWorksTouch Clock do the following:

1. Locate the pin hole button by lifting the rubber flap on the left of the clock under the power button.

2. Next using a thin object for example a opened paper clip or push pin insert and depress the button found in the pin hole until you hear an audible click and the clock powers off.

The clock should then power itself back up on it's own.


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