Self Schedule

Self Schedule is a permission that allows an employee to add themselves to an open shift without manager approval. This article explains how to enable Self Schedule as well as how it works.


Self Schedule is an Employee Role permission. Employee Roles are setup in System > Roles.

Enabling the Self Schedule permission in Employee Roles.
If a client has some employees that can Self Schedule and others that can’t, you will need to setup two employee roles and assign employees those roles accordingly. The steps for creating an Employee Role with Self Schedule is
  1. Go to System > Roles
  2. Click Add
  3. Give the Role a Code for identification and set the type to Employee
  4. Click Save
  5. Configure he role with any of the rules you want the employee to have including Self Schedule. Click the rule name to toggle it on or off.
  6. Click Save
Now, for any employee you want to be able to Self Schedule, you need to give them that role:
  1. Go to Employee > Employee
  2. Select an employee by name
  3. Click the Rules tab
  4. Set the Employee Role to the code you set in step 3 above.
  5. Click Save
That employee will now have the Self Schedule option under the Features menu in Employee Setup.


Self Schedule applies to Open Shifts. When a manager creates an Open Shift on the Scheduler, any Self Schedule employee that is eligible to work that shift can schedule themselves with the following method:

What an employee sees when
a shift is available for Self Schedule
  1. In the Employee Portal, click Schedule to be taken to TimeSimplicity
  2. Select Features > Self Schedule
  3. A calendar will show if there are open shifts on a day. Clicking on the Open Shifts Available will provide more detail about the shifts.
  4. The employee can select a shift and click Select
  5. The shift will be assigned to them, but it will not appear on their schedule until the schedule is published.


An employee can Self Schedule on an un-published schedule. This means that as soon as a manager adds an open shift to the schedule, an employee could Self Schedule themselves for the shift. However, they will not get open shift notifications until the schedule is published. Nor will the shift show on their schedule until it is published.

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