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Employee schedules often change and with features like Clock Lockout, it can be imperative to change an employee’s schedule so they can start their shift. This article explains how to quickly override a lockout in Employee Setup and how to modify a schedule in TimeWorksPlus Basic Scheduling. This article does not apply to TimeSimplicity.

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Employee Can’t Clock In Due to Schedule Change – Quick Fix

Enforce Schedule in Employee Setup
drives Clock Lockout.
Clock Lockout restricts an employee from starting their shift early. This can be a problem if an employee’s schedule changes, like when they are called in early to cover a shift.
The easiest solution is to use the Enforce Schedule toggle in Employee Setup. By setting that field to Do Not Enforce, the clock will ignore the schedule when collecting a punch and the employee will be able to clock in. Once the punch is recorded, the field can be set back to Enforce.

Modifying Schedules

The best way to address a scheduling change, whether it affects an employee’s use of the clock or not, is to modify the schedule itself. This is also the only way to solve the previous problem if a supervisor doesn’t have access to Employee Setup.
You can modify a schedule with these steps:
  1. Select Scheduling from the Main Menu in TimeWorksPlus. This should take you to the Scheduling Home page. If instead you are directed to connect to TimeSimplicity, you will need to proceed with a different set of instructions for changing schedules which can be found on the TimeSimplicity topic page.
  2. Choose Set, View or Modify Employee Schedules
  3. Use the checkboxes to the left of an employee name to select the schedule(s) you want to modify. If you have a large number of employees listed, you can also use the Employees per page and Sort List dropdowns to sort, and eventually filter, employees by Department or Location.

    Viewing schedules for employees can be sorted and filtered
    with the dropdowns.
  4. Click the Set / Modify Schedule button
  5. On the resulting Set Schedule screen, you will see similar options to those used for creating a schedule. Start by choosing whether you want to modify a recurring schedule (Don’t Limit With Dates) or, make a modification for schedules within a specific date range (Limit With Dates).
    Note: To view which schedules are recurring and which are date limited, see Show Recurring vs Date Limited below.
  6. Click Next

    To modify an existing schedule
  7. Select Modify existing schedule from the radio button choices under Apply Existing Template.
  8. The Schedule section at the bottom of the page will populate with the existing schedule. Make modifications as needed.
  9. Click Save and confirm on the resulting pop-up that you want to save the changes.

Show Recurring vs Date Limited Schedules

On the Schedule View page, you can differentiate between recurring and date limited schedules. Check Show end date for non-recurring schedules and a date showing the termination of the schedule will be shown.

Date Limited schedules have an
end date shown on the schedule.

Clearing Schedules

The Clear Schedule function bulk removes schedules for 6 months from the current date. It is found on the Schedule View page next to Set / Modify Schedule and can be used for one or more employees.

Using a Date Limited in Addition to a Recurring Schedule

With TimeWorksPlus Basic Scheduling, an employee can have a recurring schedule, like a standard schedule that repeats every 14 days. However, if there is a need to vary that schedule for a single week, you can apply a date limited schedule on top of the recurring schedule. When the date limited schedule ends, the recurring schedule will resume.

Revert Schedule

If an employee has a date limited schedule that is overriding a recurring schedule, Revert Schedule will remove the date limited schedule and leave the recurring intact.
To roll back all, or a portion, of the date limited schedule:
  1. (optional) On the Schedule View page, use the Show End Date for non-recurring schedules to determine which employees have a date limited schedule and when exactly it ends. See Show Recurring vs Date Limited above.
  2. Use the checkboxes to select the employees for which you want to revert to the recurring schedule.
  3. Click Set / Modify Schedule
  4. Enter the dates on which you want the date limited schedule removed
  5. Click Revert Schedule
  6. Confirm on the pop-up
The schedules will revert back to an employee’s recurring schedule.

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