Approving Shift Pick Ups

Scheduled employees in TimeSimplicity can drop shifts, which essentially makes those shifts available to other employees. This is all done through the TimeSimplicity Employee Portal and requires manager approval in order for the schedule to be changed. The following article explains the steps a manger takes to approve a pick up.

The red flag indicates the employee
has requested to drop the shift

How Do I Know When an Employee Dropped a Shift?

Managers are not notified when an employee makes their shift available to coworkers. They are only notified when an employee offers to pick up the shift. Prior to a shift being picked up, the manager will see the shift flagged on the Scheduler.
A red flag will appear on any shift that an employee has offered to drop. By double-clicking on the red flag, comments left by the employee can be viewed.

Who’s Eligible to Pick Up the Shift?

Any employee that belongs to the Workgroup and can work the Positions associated with the schedule can offer to pick up the shift. If the employee has enabled notifications for available shifts, they will also receive that notification.
There are ways to prevent employees that my go into overtime or over their weekly max from seeing the shift. More on that can be found in Drop Shift Rules.

Approving Shift Pick Ups

When one or more employees offer to pick up a shift, a manager will receive a notification as well as see an indication on their Dashboard.
To approve a pickup, they will need to access TimeSimplicity.
  1. If they are not already there, click the Home icon to view the Manager Dashboard.
  2. Select Schedule Requests with Offers

    Veiwing a Pick Up Request on the Manager Dashboard
  3. Select the individual drop request and click Review
  4. Details about the shift as well as all employees that have offered to pick up the shift will be displayed.

    Details on a shift pickup
  5. For each employee that has offered to pick up the shift, you will see
    1. Their current scheduled hours
    2. Week hours including the pick up
    3. The employee’s weekly max
    4. When they offered to pick up the shift.
  6. Based on that data, the manager can select an employee and Approve their pickup or, Decline the shift drop if they want the originally scheduled employee to work the shift.

    In both cases, the employees will be notified. The manager will be able to add comments with their decision.

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