TimeSimplicity Employee Portal Features

The TimeSimplicity Employee Portal gives employees the ability to view their schedule. However, it also contains additional features that can be enabled, or disabled, for employees via their Employee Role. This article explains the purpose of those features. They are divided by the menus under which they appear.
An explanation of how to change these features can be found in Employee Roles.

Dashboard Items

  • Drop and Pick Up Shift – With these items enabled, an employee will have buttons for each on their schedule. Additional restrictions on when an employee can drop a shift, as well as when they are eligible to pick up a shift, can be set in the Company Rules.

Features Menu Items

  • Schedule All View – The employee will be able to view complete, published schedules for any Workgroups to which they belong.
  • Employee Schedule Preferences – The allows an employee to indicate when they prefer to work.

With Schedule Preferences a schedule can be made that suits an employee's preferred hours and days
  • The options they are given are defined in the Company Rules.
  • Coworkers –  This lists coworkers within an employee’s Workgroups and their phone and email, but only if their coworker has chosen to share that information.
  • Self Schedule – A feature which allows an employee to grab available shifts without a formal request. This can be done by the employee before the schedule is actually published.

Settings Menu Items

  • Employee Profile Setup – The employee can view their company profile. It also allows them to change their mobile phone, email and choose who in the company can view that information.
  • Employee Notification Setup – Toggles off the ability for the employee to view and set their notification preferences.

An employee can decide how they are notified of the pictured events through the Employee Portal.

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