Publishing Schedules

Publishing a schedule in TimeSimplicity makes a Workgroup’s schedule public and allows the schedule to be posted to TimeWorksPlus. This article explains how to Publish and other related details that impact this process.

What Does Publishing Actually Do?

When a schedule is published, it will be visible to employees in the following places:
  • TimeWorksPlus Employee Self Service Portal (through the Schedule link)
  • TimeSimplicity Mobile App
  • TimeWorksPlus time card *
  • TimeWorksPlus Mobile*
*The schedule will not appear in these views until the schedule posts through the integration.
Notifications will also be sent to the employee once a schedule is published, provided that either Email or Text is selected in their Notification preferences.

Employee Notification Preferenences
Also, once a schedule is published, any changes to the schedule will trigger additional notifications depending on an employee’s preferences. For example, if they choose to be notified when a shift is added to their schedule, then they will receive that notice when a shift is added to a published schedule, but not for unpublished schedules.

Can I Un-publish?

No, publishing cannot be reversed, so it is best to do this once the schedule is complete and not before.

How Do I Publish?

Publish Button on
the Scheduler Page
Publishing is done on the Scheduler page with the Publish button. If the schedule is already published, then the button will say so.

Per Workgroup

Publishing is done per Workgroup. This means that if an employee is scheduled in two Workgroups, they may not see their entire schedule until both Workgroups are published. There is no way to publish multiple Workgroups at one time.

Entire Workgroup

There is also no way to publish only a portion of a Workgoup. Even if a filter has been applied to the Scheduler, clicking Publish will still publish the schedule for every member of that Workgroup.

All Visible Days

Publishing will publish all schedules visible in the Scheduler. If you have a 21-Day view visible and click Publish, all 21 day’s worth of Schedules will be published.

Mixed Published means some weeks in a multi-week view are published
When the Publish button says Mixed Publish, it is because you are viewing more than one week and only some of those weeks are published. In this case, clicking the button will publish all the visible schedules.

What is the Difference Between Posting and Publishing Schedules?

Posting is the term for sending Published schedules to TimeWorksPlus. This allows the schedule to be visible on the time card and enforce any schedule related rules in timekeeping. A schedule must be Published before it can be Posted.
Posting is usually set to run at an interval in the TimeWorksPlus Integration setup. However, if you have the ability to manually run the integrations, you can choose to post schedules that way.

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