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Trusted PINs

The Trusted PIN Number feature will allow employees to use a PIN number on a Z-clock or Vx Clock, even if the clock is set to never allow a PIN only punch. This feature provides the supervisor with the ability to have someone opt out of biometrics especially when the client has a person with difficulty getting a good read on their finger. This allows operations to continue in spite of the occasional exception. 
This feature is included in all Z-clocks and Vx Clocks with software version 757.2.111 and higher.

Each PIN number you wish to add to the clock's "trusted" list must be entered into each clock separately. These PINs will not be shared among different clocks.

Follow the instructions below to assign a trusted PIN number on a biometric clock:
  1. Initially, the PIN that needs to be trusted must have a print enrolled. The print can be a DUMMY print enrolled by anyone (e.g. the manager). This is just needed to allow for the Trusted PIN process. Note: Do not enroll a finger that has already been enrolled. If you use someone's finger that is already enrolled, use a different one, like the ring finger instead of the pointer finger.
  2. Press 3 to go in to the Manager's Fingerprint Menu. Enter the password (the default is 1234) and press ENTER/OK.
  3. Press button that corresponds to your clock:
  • Z-Clocks - press ALPHA/ABC
  • Vx-Clock - press F3
  • GT-400 - press ALPHA
  1. Press to access the ADD/DELETE Trusted PIN menu.
  2. Type the a PIN number to add a new trusted PIN. If the PIN you enter is already set as a trusted PIN, it will be deleted.
  3. Press OK and then exit to the time and date screen.
  4. Add the PIN to the employee's "Login/Card Number" field in Employee Setup.
The steps to removing a PIN number are exactly the same as above. By entering an existing trusted PIN in step 5, it will delete the PIN. 

To enter this menu on a non-biometric clock (which doesn't have a Manager's Fingerprint Menu), press Menu twice, and enter the code 87878 (spells TRUST). This code is not available on biometric clocks.

Once a PIN number is on the clock's trusted list, that employee will just need to press [1] or [2] on the clock and then enter their PIN number, to make a punch.

Trusted PIN Limit

232 character to work with (including spaces between each PIN). So if you are working with 8 digit PINs, that would allow us to have 26 PINs (including the 24 spaces between each).

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