Client Level API Secret and REST API Info

SwipeClock has both an Accountant Level API and Client Level API. This article explains how to generate and view  the Client level API as well as provide information about accessing our developer site.

SwipeClock's REST API allows for clients to create their own API calls to TimeWorksPlus. 

Generate API Secret

Before your client can use the API, you will need generate the API Secret. This secret creates a session that connects your client's account with their chosen application.
  1. Login to TimeWorksPlus and select your client from the Client List.
  2. In the Accountant Menu, under Settings for Currently Selected Client, click Client Level API Secret Managment.

Client Level API Secret in the Accountant Menu.  
WARNING: If your client is already using a Client Level API, the next step will break that integration. Do not proceed unless you need to regenerate the API.
  1. Click the Generate button to create the Secret. You can then use the Copy button to copy that Secret to your clipboard.
  2. Note the Site ID listed on this page.

Generating the API Secret in TimeWorksPlus
The Secret and Site ID operate like a login and password that allows your client's application to access our API and transfer data.

Getting Token and Documentation

Swipeclock's API Dev site can generate the token for a session and provide documentation on our API.

SwipeClock's Developer page
  1. Access
  2. In the dropdown for the API Secret Type, select Client (site).
  3. Enter the Site ID in the Site field. NOTE: The Accountant number is not needed for a Client Level API.
  4. Paste the Secret in the API Secret field.
  5. Click Get Token and the TOKEN field will populate.
  6. By clicking the arrow to the right of the Token field, a 24 hour session will be created with our API.

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