iSolved Integration

TimeWorksPlus integrates with the iSolved HCM platform for both employee data and employee SSO to the Employee Self Service portal. This article explains the nature of the integration and the setup.

What Does the iSolved Integration Do?

With the integration enabled, employee data in iSolved syncs to TimeWorksPlus, eliminating the need for redundant employee data entry. iSolved serves as the system of record for the data and overwrites any existing data in TimeWorksPlus. Employee data does not pass from TimeWorksPlus to iSolved. The integration is a one-way sync.
The integration also facilitates employee access to TimeWorksPlus via a single sign-on. The Employee Self Service portal in TimeWorksPlus contains WebClock, time off requests, schedules, an accruals report and notifications. There is no single sign-on access for managers or supervisors through iSolved.
IMPORTANT: As soon as the integration is enabled, employee data will begin syncing, so make sure your iSolved employee data is accurate before you start the integration setup. Only employees with a TimeClock ID in iSolved will be synced. 

Prior versions of the integration required a multi-tenant user and company code to facilitate the integration. This is no longer the case. Once you have created the client login in TimeWorksPlus, all remaining configuration is done in iSolved. If you need helping setting up a client level login in TimeWorksPlus, please see this article on Login Maintenance and Supervisor Setup

Attached to this article is a setup document with more detailed information on enabling the integration.


iSolved_TimeWorksPlus_Integration.pdf iSolved_TimeWorksPlus_Integration.pdf

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