Clock Lockout / Restricting Employees from Clocking in Early

Clock lockout prevents employees from clocking in early through the Intelligent Clock. The employee's IN punch at the start of their shift is compared to the schedule and, if they are earlier than allowed, the clock rejects the punch and notifies the employee that they cannot clock in. Also, if an employee is not scheduled, they will be prevented from clocking in.

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Employee has been restricted from clocking in when they aren't scheduled
This article explains how to implement clock lockout and describes what the user will experience.

Requirements for Clock Lockout

Clock lockout requires the following:
  • Intelligent Clock Functionality- Clock lockout is only available on the Intelligent Clock features for WebClock 3.0 or TimeWorksTouch. If you are unsure whether you have WebClock 3.0, please contact your Channel Support Manager.

    It is not available on
    • TimeWorksPlus Mobile
    • WebClock 2.0
    • WebClock 1.0
    • physical clocks other than TimeWorksTouch
    • any account using TimeWorks instead of TimeWorksPlus
  • Integrated TimeSimplicity Scheduling or TimeWorksPlus Basic Scheduling- Clock lockout requires a schedule to determine when an employee is clocking in early. 

Setting Up Clock Lockout

Clock lockout will apply to any employee that has Enforce Schedule enabled in Employee Setup. To implement clock lockout

Enforce Schedule enabled
in Employee Setup
  1. Create schedules If you are using TimeSimplicity, make sure the schedules are published. As soon as clock lockout is turned on, it will immediately enforce the rule. If an employee with Enforce Schedule enabled doesn't have a schedule and they try to clock in, their punch will not be accepted. 
  2. Enable Enforce Schedule in TimeWorksPlus for any employee who should be locked out if they clock in early. Go to Employee Setup and under the Employee Data section, set Enforce Schedule to either "ENFORCE" or "DO NOT ENFORCE". Employees set to "DO NOT ENFORCE" will be exempt from clock lockout.
  1. In TimeWorksPlus, go to the Clock Management tab (Settings Menu / Client Configuration). Under Integrated Scheduling Options, enable Restrict employees from Clocking In.
  2. Set the allowable early punch threshold to any 5 minute increment between 0 and 120. Changes will be saved automatically.

Restricting early punches with Integrated
Scheduling Options in Clock Management

How will it work?

The following situations will result in an employee's IN punch type being rejected on the Intelligent Clock.
  • Not Scheduled / No Schedule - When no schedule is present for the employee, they will be notified that they are not scheduled. 
  • Punching in early - If the employee clocks in before the configured threshold, the employee will see one of two messages. If they are within 8 hours of their scheduled start time, they will be notified of when they can clock in.
    Otherwise, they will see the same message as if they were not scheduled.
  • Clocking in after scheduled out time - The lockout will only allow them to punch in during their scheduled shift. If an employee works beyond their scheduled end time, the Intelligent Clock will not allow the IN punch type.

What should be done if an employee needs to clock in and they can't?

In instances where an employee is not scheduled or needs to start their shift early, a manager can alter the schedule and within 10 seconds, the clock should update and allow the punch.
Another way to get around Clock Lockout is for a manager to edit the employees time card with the in time.

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