Manager Can't Access Scheduler in TimeSimplicity

If a manager cannot access the Scheduler or Manager Dashboard in TimeSimplicity, the reasons may be one of the following:

They are logged into the Employee Dashboard

When a user first logs into TimeSimplicity, the Dashboard they see is dictated by their role. All managers also have an employee role and those roles see different dashboards.

Employee Dashboard 

Manager Dashboard


If a manager logs in and sees the Employee Dashboard, they can switch to their Manager role by clicking the Role link in the top right of the page, underneath their name and Log Off.
The resulting pop-up allows them to switch roles.

The next time they login, the system will return them to whatever role they were under when they logged off.

They used the wrong login to access TimeSimplicity

For accounts integrated with TimeWorksPlus, the manager role in TimeSimplicity is tied to a supervisor or manager login in TimeWorksPlus, not the employee login. Unlike TimeSimplicity, TimeWorksPlus has a separate login for employee and manager roles. If a manager uses their ­TimeWorksPlus employee login to access scheduling through Employee Self Service, they will not have access to manager functionality in TimeSimplicity. They will need to login to TimeWorksPlus with their supervisor or manager login, access TimeSimplicity and then choose their manager role.

They haven't been setup as a manager in TimeSimplicity

While TimeWorksPlus integrates employees, supervisors and managers in TimeSimplicity, it does not set the supervisors and managers up with manager roles. That needs to be done manually after the integration runs. More information on that process can be found in Setting Up Managers in TimeSimplicity.

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