FAQ: Where Can I See the Serial Number of a Clock?

The serial number is usually found on the back of the clock, located on a sticker. However, it is possible to view the serial number through the clock's display as well.

Ethernet clocks will display the serial number on a information page that can be accessed in the following manner. 
  • Z11, Z14, Z33, Z34, - Press the * key
  • Z18 - Press the MENU key twice
  • GT-400 - Press the CAPS button
You may also be able to access the page by pressing the # key twice. The serial number will be displayed with the label S/N.

TimeWorksTouch's serial number can be viewed through the Clock Info tab. This can only be accessed by logging into the TWTouch Settings Menu with Client level or higher credentials .

You can find the serial number for analog clocks (Tranz 330/380) with the following steps:
  1. Press the FUNCTION button (the blue FUNC/ENTER key)
  2. Press 2
  3. Press 3
  4. A sequence of data will begin scrolling across the screen. The 3rd or 4th option will be the serial number, however, the number scrolls rather quickly, so you will likely have to repeat this process multiple times.  

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