Enforce Schedule

The Enforce Schedule field in Employee Setup works with schedule deviations on the time card as well as enforces clock lockout on the Workforce Management clock. Employees that have this field set to Do Not Enforce will be excluded from both deviation reporting and clock lockout.

This field is only visible on accounts using TimeWorksPlus Scheduling or TimeSimplicity.

Using Enforce with Integrated Scheduling

When an employee's Enforce Schedule is set to Enforce, the alerts tied to Integrated Scheduling. Enforce Schedule allows a client to select which employees should be flagged for scheduling deviations. Employees who are set to Do Not Enforce will no longer have alerts show on their time card when they are late, early or absent.

Enforce with Clock Lockout

Users of our Workforce Management Clock can now use the Enforce setting to keep an employee from clocking in earlier than their designated time. More on Clock Lockout can be found in the article Restricting Employees from Clocking in Early.

Where to Set Enforce Schedule

Enforce Schedule is located in the Employee Identity section of Employee Setup. Click the Edit button at the top of this section to change the setting for an individual employee. The default value for this field on any account using scheduling is Enforce.

Changing Enforce Schedule for Multiple Employees at One Time

Rather than changing this field employee-by-employee, you can make bulk changes with the Work with selected option. In Employee Setup either

Using the Employee Filter
to bulk change data
  • use the checkboxes in Employee Setup to choose multiple employees.
  • filter employees with the Employee list filter at the top of the page and select all with the checkbox at the top of the header.
Then choose Work with Selected from the Employee Setup dropdown.

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