TimeSimplicity Mobile for Employees

TimeSimplicity Mobile is an app designed for employees to view their schedules, add shifts, drop shifts and change their profile settings. This app is available to accounts using TimeSimplicity for scheduling*. Currently, the mobile app does not offer any supervisor functionality.
This article details the functionality of the app. If you are looking for information on getting the app and logging in, please see TimeSimplicity Mobile - Downloading and Logging In.
*Updates to software may be necessary before using the mobile app.

Viewing Schedules

The Home page of the app will list any published schedules for the employee. It will default to the current week, but by using the arrow buttons, the employee can view prior or upcoming schedules, provided they have been published.
The weekly listing of schedules will show the
  • date
  • schedule name
  • start and end time
  • Position code.
If the employee taps a specific schedule, they will also see Schedule Details including
  • lunch information
  • hours
  • notes
  • additional Schedule Level codes associated with the shift.
The employee will also be able to drop the shift from the Schedule Details page.

Dropping Shifts / Picking Up Shifts

If an employee wants to drop a shift, they can do so by tapping the shift from the week view and selecting Drop Shift from the details page. They will still be warned that they are responsible for the shift until a pickup is approved. They also have the option to leave comments.
The Home page will also display "Shifts are available for pickup" at the top if an employee is eligible to work a dropped or open shift.
An employee can choose to cancel a pickup if it is still pending.


The Coworkers page of the app allows an employee to see the contact information of their coworkers based on how this permission is configured.


Settings provides much of the same functionality as the Employee Portal.
  • View profile
  • Set notifications
  • Change username (not recommended for TimeWorksPlus accounts).
  • Change password
  • Logout of the app

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