230 Character Limit on Clock Prompt

Labor Code prompts can allow up to 50 alphanumeric and up to 3200 characters in the validation list as long as there is not a Tranz 330/380 clock present on the site. If there is, the clock prompt will restrict the character limit to one that will support these clocks (230 characters).

In some cases the prompt will enforce this 230 character limit even if no Tranz 330/380 is assigned to the site. This is usually caused by clocks they have that have never contacted us under Verify Transmit.

Because of this the site assumes there is a chance that those clocks could be a 330/380 and enforces the 230 character limit.

To fix this you can either have the clocks:
  1. Contact us to be identified via the internet.
  2. Or deactivate the clocks from off of the site. This is not suggested as you will incur reactivation fees if you are planning to use those clocks for this client.
This should then allow for more characters.

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