Supervisors Clocking Employees IN and OUT on Mobile App

UPDATE (Nov. 12, 2018)The functionality described in this article only applies to our legacy mobile app: TimeWorksPlus Mobile. Our new mobile app, TimeWorksPlus Employee does not include any features designed for the supervisors. If you wish to allow supervisors to clock in on behalf of their employees, it is suggested you do not upgrade your client to the new employee portal or mobile app.

To allow Supervisors to use the "Clock Employee(s) In/Out" feature of the Mobile App you will need to:
  1. Ensure the Supervisor has permissions to edit (add) time cards under Accountant Menu > Login Maintenance. Once you select your supervisor you will need to check the box marked "Can Edit Punches".
  2. The employee under Employee Setup will need to have "Mobile Punch Enabled" set to "Yes". If this is NOT set to "Yes" the employee will show up under this feature but will be grayed out and not selectable in your list.

Note, you can still restrict the employee from using the mobile app if you like by setting "Mobile Enabled" to "No" and this will not impact your Supervisor from using this feature on the Mobile App.

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