FAQ: Are Clock Transmissions Encrypted?

Transactions between our servers and any of our ethernet clocks are not encrypted. The reasons behind this are:
  1. The clocks are programmed to only hit our IP's and cannot connect to any other systems.
  2. The information in these transactions would not in most cases be very useful as a transaction would typically consist of:
  • The clock serial number
  • One or more punches consisting of:
    • The numeric 1 for an IN punch or a 2 for an OUT punch
    • The date and time of the punch
    • A numeric PIN of the employee**
    • Any clock prompt information
The only insecurity would be if the client is using sensitive data for their PIN like the employees SSN. If so the client may want to consider using a different method for their PINs.

Note: Even if one was able to capture an employees PIN they would still need to be allowed access to any of our online products AND need a password to access our system. Also even if they had this they would still only be able to see the information of a single employee and not our whole system.

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