WebClock Punch Not Saved Error

If your client continues to receive the below error when trying to clock IN or OUT at the WebClock:

"Punch Not Saved! Your punch could not be saved. This punch appears to have already been submitted (making this one a duplicate). Please click "Try Again" and re-enter your information."

This could be because when the previous employee got the confirmation that their punch was successful the following employee is hitting the browser back button to get back to the login which then produces this error. 

When an employee gets that confirmation message you need to select the "Done" button instead for it to go back to the login page correctly for the next employee.

Another issue could be that the employee is leaving the browser open between punches. If they do that then they need to be sure to refresh the browser before attempting the next punch.

Also there have been some reports that if they are using an old shortcut to the WebClock it can sometimes cause this issue. In this case please delete the old shortcut and add one linked to the most current version of the WebClock.

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