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Edit Count on Clock Activity Pane - TWP

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 12:00PM MST
The Clock Activity screen in TimeWorksPlus will show a count reflecting the amount of missing punches and edits made on an employee's time card. An edit is tallied when one of the following alterations is made to a time card when:

-- an hour entry (i.e. Sick, Vacation, Personal) is added to the time card
-- an amount entry (i.e. Commission, Tips) is added to the time card
-- an hour/amount entry made by the AutoHoursWeek rule or AddEntry script is modified
-- an existing punch on a time card is modified

An edit is not:
-- adding a time (in punch/out punch) to a time card
-- hours populated on the time card by the Holiday Rule, Auto Hours Week or AddEntry script
-- deletion of an existing punch or row on a time card
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