Unmatched Punches

Unmatched Punches are punches that have been made at a physical clock, but, due to either an incorrect entry by the employee or a missing card number in Employee Setup, the punch cannot be matched to a time card in the account. 

These punches can be viewed in the Maintenance Menu under Unmatched Punches. If you know which employee is supposed to be the recipient of the punch, this screen will allow you to assign the punch to an available employee.

Here is a list of reasons why a punch may be Unmatched.
  • Employee does not have a Card Number/PIN in Employee Setup
  • Employee Card Number in Employee Setup does not match the PIN or card number the employee entered at the clock
  • Employee Card Number in Employee Setup does not match the PIN used to enroll the employee's print / hand print.
  • Employee has a print enrolled, but types in an incorrect PIN before scanning their print. This would happen if the Manual Clock setting is set to something other than Never Allowed. By switching the setting to Never Allowed, employees will have to use a print when clocking in.

Unmatched Punch Doesn't Change After Updating and Saving

In some cases there could be a leading space or a space at the end of the employee's PIN which is setup in Employee Setup like the Card Number field for example.

For example instead of the system reading "12345" it is reading it as "12345_" (the underscore is the space that was entered). So an employee punches in with "12345" the system takes that punch but saves it as an Unmatched punch because it doesn't recognize it since it is looking for "12345_".

What makes it hard is that you can't see a space at the end of the field unless you were specifically looking for it. 

So even if you tried to edit the unmatched punch by re-typing in the login or even selecting the correct employee from the drop down list from Maintenance Menu > Unmatched Punches it will still stay as an unmatched punch because the system would still be looking for "12345_".

To fix this just go back to the employee's Employee Setup and delete the space in the login/username field.

Summary Report Says there are Unmatched Punches, but no Unmatched Punches are Present

When running the Summary Report for a client, it may state that they have 142 unmatched punches, but when checking by going to Maintenance Menu > Unmatched Punches it says 'Congratulations, the unmatched punch list is empty. You don't need to do anything here'. 

This is an issue where you are seeing the middle of the process where we have received the punches but it has not processed to the server and on to the time cards as of yet.

To make sure on the clients account go to Settings Menu > Clock Status and see if anything under the 'Last Contact' field is in yellow on this page. If so then that is what is happening.

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