Missing TimeSimplicity Schedule in TimeWorksPlus

Problem: An employee scheduled in TimeSimplicity does not have a schedule in TimeWorksPlus when Show Scheduling is selected from the Time Card Options.

Possible Solutions: Check the following items in TimeSimplicity.
  1. Has the schedule for that week been published? Only published schedules are posted to TimeWorksPlus.
  2. Make sure that the employee isn't scheduled in a second Workgroup where the schedule has yet to be published.
  3. Verify that the schedules have been posted. Published schedules are posted to TimeWorksPlus when the integration runs, which is usually within moments of any change being made to a published schedule. To manually run the integration and post the schedules, do the following in TimeSimplicity:
    1. Click TimeWorksPlus Integration
    2. Select Run Integrations
    3. Choose the Schedule Post tab
    4. Select the dates of the schedules you want to post
    5. Click Post Schedules
  4. Make sure the employee's Home Workgroup is enabled. This is a rare occurrence, but will result in a schedule not posting to TimeWorksPlus.
    1. Find the employee in the TimeSimplicity Employees listing and click their name.
    2. Select the Workgroups tab and identify their Home Workgroup.
    3. From the Employee menu, select Workgroup. 
    4. In the Workgroup Status dropdown, select All
    5. If the employee's Home Workgroup is disabled, that is why the schedule is not being passed to TWP. To fix this, return to the employee record and change the employees Home Workgroup to an Active Workgroup.
If you continue to have problems, please see this article on what to do when schedules fail to post to TimeWorksPlus.

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